January 16, 2017

This post is about a delicate topic, often discussed amongst friends, colleagues and relatives — Insurance. It’s a difficult topic in my view, as it is not just about returns on investment. It’s about a sense of security for the individual and the dependents. The choice is not driven by money, so one has to be sensitive to the potential outcomes. So we will try not to persuade you as the reader in a specific direction, rather present factual information about the different type of products that are available in the market and how it affects your tax planning.

investments help you save income tax legally
December 27, 2016

s This article is the first one in a 5-article series on ‘Guide to Saving Income Tax Legally’. In this series, we will discuss everything from investment options which help save income tax to striking the right balance between different tax saving options. We start with the roundup of all types of tax saving investment … Continue reading “What Investments Can Help You Save Income Tax Legally?”