home insurance tips
February 28, 2017

  Quick, think of a natural disaster that destroyed homes, commercial property and government infrastructure. Can’t zero in on any one of them? That’s because of late, there have been so many incidents, it is difficult to remember just one. Earthquakes damaging homes, floods ravaging even urban areas, fires spreading like, well, wild fire, means … Continue reading “Buying Home Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know”

health insurance
October 26, 2016

  Last week on #MoneyViewChat, we discussed an important topic, Health Insurance. With the rising incidents of diseases and the exorbitant cost of healthcare, it is important that we stay prepared with health insurance. And sure enough, our community thought similarly. Here is a recap of what was discussed: Starting off with our first question: … Continue reading “A Recap of Discussion on Health Insurance on #MoneyViewChat”

Five Must Knows about Buying Health Insurance in India
March 14, 2016

With rising costs of healthcare and increasing incidence of critical illnesses, medical expenses beyond your means can arise at any time. Medical emergencies are stressful enough; having to worry about how to pay for one can make things unnecessarily difficult. Knowing you have access to funds to pay for medical treatment in case of illness … Continue reading “Five Must Knows about Buying Health Insurance in India”

Buying Health Insurance With a Small Premium -- Go the Top-up Insurance Way
January 9, 2016

So you think you are well-insured? After all, you have been having a mediclaim policy for years, and you always pay your premium in time. But is that enough to insulate you from sky-rocketing hospital bills, should something unforeseen happen to you? What if you are faced with a huge hospital bill at the end … Continue reading “Buying Health Insurance with a Small Premium — Go the Top-Up Insurance Way”

October 31, 2015

Risks come in many shapes and sizes…and realities! While the majority of us want to get our property, vehicle and life covered under mainstream insurance policies, there are some who are looking beyond the ordinary! Because… anything can happen! …Because we can be invaded by aliens, captured by the Loch Ness monster, haunted by ghosts … Continue reading “Halloween Special: Weirdest and Wackiest of Insurance Policies”

Motor insurance: Tips for car and bike owners
October 20, 2015

Buying your first car or bike no doubt changes life forever. That tremendous amount of freedom, pride, joy and self-accomplishment of owning a new set of wheels also comes punctuated with some responsibility. Aside from cleaning and general maintenance, one of the most important care factors is getting the vehicle adequately insured. Motor Insurance provides … Continue reading “Motor insurance: Tips for car and bike owners”

The Do's and Don'ts of Life Insurance you must know
September 30, 2015

Like most buying decisions, a life insurance policy comes with a set of confusions – what is best, what to avoid and what tips to keep in mind. Since life insurance is a contract that spans many years or decades, you should spend time to understand your insurance requirements, consider options and interpret the rules, … Continue reading “The Do’s and Don’ts of Life Insurance you must know”

Life Insurance: Yes or No?
September 23, 2015

Of course life insurance is a difficult topic! Anything that deals with mortality can be uncomfortable. Add to that, there is an information overload – different kinds of policies, overzealous agents and irrelevant advice! Let’s break it down, let’s make life insurance buying decisions a little easy. First of all, do you REALLY need it? … Continue reading “Life Insurance: Yes or No?”