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5 Tips for Investing in Equity Mutual Funds

In almost every other financial blog post, the emphasis on equity mutual funds has been immense. It is without doubt the most sought after investment these days, with real estate and deposits/debt taking a back seat. It is therefore important…

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Why You Should Invest in Mutual Funds?

Before we plunge into the topic of this post, let me share an interesting concept that I came across while reading a book called “Good to Great”. Besides being an extremely interesting book (business books are normally boring), it has…

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Financial Jargon Busted: Understand Your Mutual Funds Better

Finance is so much jargon. Credits, Debits, Balance Sheets, Cash Flows etc., the list is extremely long. Basic jargon was covered in Jargon buster: Technical terms every mutual fund investor must know the previous post in this series. This post…

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