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Tax Planning With an Expert #MoneyViewChat

Tax planning is on our minds as we all approach the financial year end. Despite our best intentions, somehow planning our taxes gets pushed off to last minute when most of us scramble to save the taxes that we can….

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Top 10 Posts on Money View Blog in 2016

As the year draws to a close, we look back at the Top 10 posts on Money View blog this year. This year has seen the blog go from strength to strength as we climbed to being among the Top…

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Demonetization After Effects — How is the Implementation? #MoneyViewChat

The after effects of Demonetization are now filtering in. First pay day after demonetization and queues and cash outs welcomed people at banks and ATMs. Naturally, we wanted to find our community what they thought about the after effects and the…

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Recap of #MoneyViewChat – Find ATM with Cash feature

It has been a month since demonetization and the quest for cash at an ATM continues. With salary day descending last week, many banks and ATMs had “No cash” boards almost immediately. It was quite chaotic. We decided to rope…

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digital wallets

Digital Wallets – Are They Here to Stay? #MoneyViewChat

Considering that demonetization has put renewed emphasis on the use of digital wallets, we felt that this was a topic of relevance to our community. Sure enough, the responses showed that our community actively uses digital wallets and had many…

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Find ATM with Cash Near You with Money View

The Government has recently demonetized old 500 and 1000 rupee notes to help bring down corruption and black money in the country. This move came all of a sudden and now a good number of us are left stranded with not…

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wedding planning

Handy Tips For Wedding Planning #MoneyViewChat

This being the wedding season in India, we decided to ask our community about their suggestions in planning a wedding. This was a fun conversation with lots of banter and anecdotes shared. Here are some snapshots from the chat on…

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gold investments #MoneyViewChat

Gold Investments #MoneyViewChat Recap

  Considering that we were in the thick of Diwali festivities, last week we discussed a topic of interest for all – gold investments. There is more to gold investments than jewellery as you will find out from this interesting…

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health insurance

A Recap of Discussion on Health Insurance on #MoneyViewChat

  Last week on #MoneyViewChat, we discussed an important topic, Health Insurance. With the rising incidents of diseases and the exorbitant cost of healthcare, it is important that we stay prepared with health insurance. And sure enough, our community thought…

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credit cards #MoneyViewChat

A Conversation About Credit Cards #MoneyViewChat

  This week we had an interesting tweet chat on #MoneyViewChat and the topic was credit cards. Often a bane of many a spender, a credit card is a financial instrument that if managed well can help you with convenience of…

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