December 15, 2016

The after effects of Demonetization are now filtering in. First pay day after demonetization and queues and cash outs welcomed people at banks and ATMs. Naturally, we wanted to find our community what they thought about the after effects and the implementation. The first question of the day. Q1: What are the biggest effects benefits from … Continue reading “Demonetization After Effects — How is the Implementation? #MoneyViewChat”

wedding planning
November 23, 2016

This being the wedding season in India, we decided to ask our community about their suggestions in planning a wedding. This was a fun conversation with lots of banter and anecdotes shared. Here are some snapshots from the chat on #WeddingPlanning on #MoneyViewChat. Let's get started! Q1: Have you planned a wedding before? #MoneyViewChat #WeddingPlanning … Continue reading “Handy Tips For Wedding Planning #MoneyViewChat”

health insurance
October 26, 2016

  Last week on #MoneyViewChat, we discussed an important topic, Health Insurance. With the rising incidents of diseases and the exorbitant cost of healthcare, it is important that we stay prepared with health insurance. And sure enough, our community thought similarly. Here is a recap of what was discussed: Starting off with our first question: … Continue reading “A Recap of Discussion on Health Insurance on #MoneyViewChat”