My Money View Story Mufeed student
December 16, 2016

Today we have the pleasure of featuring Mufeed Areekkan in our Money View story section. Mufeed is a first year B.Tech student at NIT, Kurukshetra. Born and brought up in Kerala, this is Mufeed’s first time far away from home. In the time when he is not polishing his Hindi or looking for a place … Continue reading “My Money View Story: Why Mufeed Feels Every Student Must Have Money View”

August 18, 2016

  Who doesn’t have a dream of traveling the world without worrying about expenses? I dreamed of it and made it a reality.  I am not rich yet but I became a smart traveler. I decoded how to travel for longer duration in the same budget that we spend on the short vacations. “Short vacations are hectic … Continue reading “How Pardeep Spent 30 days in Goa at the Cost of a 4-day Vacation”

My Money View Story
June 6, 2016

Today we feature, Sajjad, who originally belongs to Mysore, the cleanest city in India and the cultural capital of Karnataka. He works for a US audit firm and resides in Bangalore with his wife. Financial Management before Money View Sajjad was handling his financial tracking by manually maintaining records sometimes on paper and at other … Continue reading “My Money View Story – How Sajjad Reduced 90% Toil in Tracking His Finances”

My Money View story
January 30, 2016

Today we feature Vamsee Krishna Batchu on the blog. Vamsee is the lucky winner of the #NazariyaBadlo New Year Contest of Money View and has won, hold your breath, Rs. 1,00,000 to fulfill his dreams. About Vamsee Vamsee lives in the city of Ahmedabad with his family, mother and sister. He works as a Product … Continue reading “Vamsee Krishna, Rs. 1,00,000 Prize Winner Shares His Money View Story”

Money View
December 31, 2015

Bangalore is a burgeoning metropolis that has seen progress at a scorching pace in the last decade. From reputed educational institutes to multinationals, BPOs and now startups, Bangalore is a unique cauldron of innovative minds and skilled resources. The city also attracts talent from all over India. One such person is Deebiga. She came to … Continue reading “My Money View Story: How Deebiga Found Freedom from Drudgery of Tracking her finances”

November 28, 2015

It is said that if you throw a stone in Bangalore, it is more than likely to hit a techie. Well, Bangalore is a magnet that attracts innovators, techies, students and passionate professionals. In this burgeoning megapolis lives Anil Nair, a private banker. As he helps manage wealth for his clients, he is very conscious … Continue reading “My Money View Story: How Anil Nair Became Carefree with His Finances”

My Money View Story
October 9, 2015

The city of Bangalore is a place many working professionals from across India and the world call home now. Blessed with a salubrious climate, a cosmopolitan outlook and an unbridled energy for innovation, Bangalore really does attract the brightest and the best. In this melting pot of people landed Suraj who moved from his hometown … Continue reading “My Money View Story: How I started spending wiser and saving smarter”