My Money View Story Mufeed student

My Money View Story: Why Mufeed Feels Every Student Must Have Money View

My Money View Story Mufeed student

Today we have the pleasure of featuring Mufeed Areekkan in our Money View story section.

Mufeed is a first year B.Tech student at NIT, Kurukshetra. Born and brought up in Kerala, this is Mufeed’s first time far away from home. In the time when he is not polishing his Hindi or looking for a place to eat food similar to home cooked food, he is taking stock of his finances.

Mufeed is a conscientious spender who is much more aware of his spending habits as he moved away from home. Now each month, he keeps tabs on how much he spends so that he knows how much money he has to ask his parents for.

How Money View Came into Mufeed's Life?

It was just a year back that his parents bought him a smartphone.

Being a person who likes to be careful of his spending, he downloaded the Money View App from Playstore. He did try out a competitor app as well but deleted it when he did not find it comparable to Money View’s features. He has been using Money View daily since then.

Money View Features that Mufeed Loves

Mufeed uses Money View as an expense tracking App. He methodically inputs every penny he spends, even the cash, daily. He loves the weekly and monthly spend patterns that the App displays.

He uses the Budget feature to keep tabs on his spending. And he has been able to save some money every month due to the disciplined spending habits that Money View has helped him cultivate.

He also loves the Split feature which lets him split expenses with friends.

Since he is a student and does not have any disposable income, he does not do any investment as yet.

Why Money View is Essential for Students

Mufeed maintains that Money View is an App that every student must have. He believes that as one slowly lives away from parents and manages their own finances, it is easy to lose track and go awry.

Money View keeps you both conscious and conscientious of your spends.

A Special Word for Customer Support Team

Mufeed praised the customer support team at Money View which is very prompt in responding to queries and feedback. He had a special word of praise for them.

Find ATM with Cash

Finally, demonetization has not affected him much in Kurukshetra. He does most purchases online except for eating out and sundry small purchases.

He is also fortunate to have a functioning bank branch and ATM within his campus and hence has no trouble in withdrawing cash. He did check out the Find ATM with cash feature on Money View recently only out of curiosity. We hope he continues to stay lucky with money.

It was a pleasure talking to Mufeed and hearing how Money View has facilitated his life.

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My Money View Story: How Dr. Ganesh Tracked His Finances


tracked finances

Today we feature Dr. Ganesh Pote on the blog. He is a Doctor by training, a taxman by profession and an Indian by heart in his own words. He currently lives in Nagpur and works as Assistant Commissioner, Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax and Narcotics. He is in a transferable job and moves around the country quite a bit. But one thing he is very disciplined about and that is keeping track of his finances.

Spending His Money

Dr. Ganesh enjoys shopping online. He told us that he seems to buy almost everything online these days. It is convenient and so much easier to keep track of. When he joined his job more than 2 years back, just like any other first jobber, he splurged money. He spent quite a bit in the first year of his job, but went into a saving mode the next year. That is also when Money View App became a part of his life.

Investing His Money

Ganesh is a safe investor. He invests his savings in PPF and NPS. He also invests in mutual funds through SIPs so that he stays disciplined in his saving and also does it regularly.

Money View in His Life

He remembers that a friend of his recommended that he try Money View to track his expenses. Before that, he was writing down his expenses but like everyone else, he slipped up and was not regular.

Since he downloaded Money View, he has been using the App daily, yes daily. He is very organised and enters his cash expenses daily. He also loves the Split bills feature. Earlier he would feel awkward to remind friends who owed him money. Now Money View has managed that for him by sending timely reminders to his friends to pay the money they owe. Thus making his work easier.

Money View tracks his spends using his SMSes and hence the tedium of manual entry is reduced.

He is also more conscious of how he spends his money. He sees the detailed category-wise report of spends regularly and hence is conscious to not overspend or go overbudget.

Sterling Customer Support Team

Dr. Ganesh calls Money View’s customer support team an asset to the company. They always reply to his feedback and concerns with great promptness. They personally call back as well. He feels that this emphasis on the user sets Money View apart.

Finally, he says that he wishes to see Money View to reach greater heights. He has been so happy with his experience with Money View that he has never been tempted to try out any other App in the market.

It elates us to hear from loyal users like Dr. Ganesh Pote.

Dr. Ganesh Pote simplified his life and finances with Money View. Have you downloaded it yet?

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