My Money View Story Mufeed student

My Money View Story: Why Mufeed Feels Every Student Must Have Money View

My Money View Story Mufeed student

Today we have the pleasure of featuring Mufeed Areekkan in our Money View story section.

Mufeed is a first year B.Tech student at NIT, Kurukshetra. Born and brought up in Kerala, this is Mufeed’s first time far away from home. In the time when he is not polishing his Hindi or looking for a place to eat food similar to home cooked food, he is taking stock of his finances.

Mufeed is a conscientious spender who is much more aware of his spending habits as he moved away from home. Now each month, he keeps tabs on how much he spends so that he knows how much money he has to ask his parents for.

How Money View Came into Mufeed's Life?

It was just a year back that his parents bought him a smartphone.

Being a person who likes to be careful of his spending, he downloaded the Money View App from Playstore. He did try out a competitor app as well but deleted it when he did not find it comparable to Money View’s features. He has been using Money View daily since then.

Money View Features that Mufeed Loves

Mufeed uses Money View as an expense tracking App. He methodically inputs every penny he spends, even the cash, daily. He loves the weekly and monthly spend patterns that the App displays.

He uses the Budget feature to keep tabs on his spending. And he has been able to save some money every month due to the disciplined spending habits that Money View has helped him cultivate.

He also loves the Split feature which lets him split expenses with friends.

Since he is a student and does not have any disposable income, he does not do any investment as yet.

Why Money View is Essential for Students

Mufeed maintains that Money View is an App that every student must have. He believes that as one slowly lives away from parents and manages their own finances, it is easy to lose track and go awry.

Money View keeps you both conscious and conscientious of your spends.

A Special Word for Customer Support Team

Mufeed praised the customer support team at Money View which is very prompt in responding to queries and feedback. He had a special word of praise for them.

Find ATM with Cash

Finally, demonetization has not affected him much in Kurukshetra. He does most purchases online except for eating out and sundry small purchases.

He is also fortunate to have a functioning bank branch and ATM within his campus and hence has no trouble in withdrawing cash. He did check out the Find ATM with cash feature on Money View recently only out of curiosity. We hope he continues to stay lucky with money.

It was a pleasure talking to Mufeed and hearing how Money View has facilitated his life.

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My Money View Story: How Dr. Ganesh Tracked His Finances


tracked finances

Today we feature Dr. Ganesh Pote on the blog. He is a Doctor by training, a taxman by profession and an Indian by heart in his own words. He currently lives in Nagpur and works as Assistant Commissioner, Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax and Narcotics. He is in a transferable job and moves around the country quite a bit. But one thing he is very disciplined about and that is keeping track of his finances.

Spending His Money

Dr. Ganesh enjoys shopping online. He told us that he seems to buy almost everything online these days. It is convenient and so much easier to keep track of. When he joined his job more than 2 years back, just like any other first jobber, he splurged money. He spent quite a bit in the first year of his job, but went into a saving mode the next year. That is also when Money View App became a part of his life.

Investing His Money

Ganesh is a safe investor. He invests his savings in PPF and NPS. He also invests in mutual funds through SIPs so that he stays disciplined in his saving and also does it regularly.

Money View in His Life

He remembers that a friend of his recommended that he try Money View to track his expenses. Before that, he was writing down his expenses but like everyone else, he slipped up and was not regular.

Since he downloaded Money View, he has been using the App daily, yes daily. He is very organised and enters his cash expenses daily. He also loves the Split bills feature. Earlier he would feel awkward to remind friends who owed him money. Now Money View has managed that for him by sending timely reminders to his friends to pay the money they owe. Thus making his work easier.

Money View tracks his spends using his SMSes and hence the tedium of manual entry is reduced.

He is also more conscious of how he spends his money. He sees the detailed category-wise report of spends regularly and hence is conscious to not overspend or go overbudget.

Sterling Customer Support Team

Dr. Ganesh calls Money View’s customer support team an asset to the company. They always reply to his feedback and concerns with great promptness. They personally call back as well. He feels that this emphasis on the user sets Money View apart.

Finally, he says that he wishes to see Money View to reach greater heights. He has been so happy with his experience with Money View that he has never been tempted to try out any other App in the market.

It elates us to hear from loyal users like Dr. Ganesh Pote.

Dr. Ganesh Pote simplified his life and finances with Money View. Have you downloaded it yet?

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My Money View Story: How Varun Managed His Money Better


Varun Achar is an Engineer with a startup in Bangalore. He recently moved to the city from Mumbai after getting married. We caught up with him to understand how life and finances have been simplified with Money View.

Tell us something about your money habits

I am pretty disciplined when it comes to my money. We are not an extravagant couple and don’t really spend lavishly. We, of course, do the normal things like eating out, shopping etc. but we are prudent spenders. As a matter of fact, we save about 70% of our salaries.

Do you have regular discussions about how to save and invest money?

Yes, we talk about our long-term and short-term goals and accordingly plan our investments. For long-term goals like owning a dream home, we invest in SIPs in mutual funds as well have fixed deposits to finance those goals. For short-term goals like travel or redoing the house, we invest in shorter-term mutual funds that mature within 1-3 years. If not used, they contribute to our savings.

We generally do not invest in shares as I don’t have the time to invest in research or track them rigorously. I am mostly a moderate to safe investor.

Do you take the lead in financial decisions or does your wife do that?

Being a double income family, we jointly handle our finances. We have initiated a joint FD so that a certain part of our salaries goes directly there. We mutually discuss our financial goals and sync how our investments are doing every month or bimonthly. However, there are certain things that each of us takes a lead in like I take care of upgrading insurance plans. And there is a part of our money that we handle independently.

How did you track your finances before Money View

I used to tag my emails with tags like shopping. That way when I pulled up that tag, I got a good idea of how much I had spent on shopping that month. Apart from this, I did not track my finances regularly, just once a month or bimonthly only to understand how things were financially. It was not a detailed picture but gave me some idea of my spends.

How did Money View come into your life?

I chanced upon Money View through one of their advertisements on social media. I was curious and downloaded the App. I have been using it for almost 1.5 years now and am very satisfied with it. It has been helping me immensely to track, budget and monitor my finances.

How has Money View helped you?

Money View has subsconsciously instilled more financial discipline in my life. As I am finicky about keeping things organized, I love it that I get a summary and trends of my spends and can also set a monthly budget. That way I come back and check how much of the budget is still unutilized at any given point in a month and know how to tweak my spend. As most of my spends are online, I don’t have to manually input any data and get a lot of information without any effort with Money View.

I also love the reminder feature of Money View app. I had burnt my fingers a few times in the past when I forgot to make my credit card payments on time. Despite having auto-debit for most of my accounts, that had happened. Now Money View sends me reminders, and I always double check if the payment has been made or not. Besides, the payment also gets documented in the app thus working as a further check for me. I haven’t missed any payment since.

What has been among the coolest things that Money View has done for you?

Just a few months ago, I was planning my wedding. The biggest challenge was to keep my spends within budget. Money View facilitated how I kept track of my expenses. I did not go overbudget and managed to pull off the biggest event in my life with ease.

Tracking finances need not be cumbersome and boring anymore as Varun has discovered.

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How Pardeep Spent 30 days in Goa at the Cost of a 4-day Vacation



Who doesn’t have a dream of traveling the world without worrying about expenses?

I dreamed of it and made it a reality.

 I am not rich yet but I became a smart traveler.

I decoded how to travel for longer duration in the same budget that we spend on the short vacations.

“Short vacations are hectic and no fun

Short vacations are more like a punishment than a pleasure.

I remember how painful were my vacations a few years back.

I booked a 4 day/ 3 night trip, and boarded the flight in the afternoon (or early morning); I did not want to waste my precious first day of vacation, so I always planned my days with a hectic schedule of visiting every popular location in my destination city.

goa vacation for less


The result? All I did on vacation was…

  • Touch all popular places (to check in on Facebook)
  • Do all activities in the town (fear of missing out on something that my friends had enjoyed)
  • Not miss any chance of clicking photos (to upload on Facebook)

I came back from the vacation with a tired face rather than feeling fresh. It was like I was on a photography assignment, and there was a penalty of missing a popular place.

All my vacation was for Facebook. No Fun. Not a good way of spending time and money on a vacation.

I dumped the idea of the short vacations.

I wanted a long vacation but neither did I have leaves nor I had the money. I learned to manage my money, and put my finances on auto mode.

I learned the new way of enjoying a vacation with my trip to Goa last year

Let’s see how much it costs for a typical 4-day vacation (for a small family of three) in a beautiful destination like Goa from a city like Delhi.)

Air fair in low-cost airline = 3 * 4000 * both ways = 24,000

Taxi required to/from Airport = 4 * 500 = 2000

Accommodation for three nights in 3-star hotel = 3 * 4000 = 12,000

Lunch & Dinner expenses for six meals over 4 days = 6 * 1000 = 6000

Shopping and other activities = 5000

An expense of about 45K to 50K for a family of 3

When I tell someone that I am on vacation in Goa for a month long duration, the first question that they think of is  — “Where is he getting so much money to spend on a long vacation”.

You will be surprised to know that I am poorer than average Indian IT guy because I am earning lesser than what I was earning two years back in my IT job.

Here are the expenses that I incurred on my travel to Goa

Going to Goa by Train = 2 * 2200 = 4400

Coming back by Air = 3 * 4500 = 13,500

Accommodation for 4 weeks through AirBnB= 20,500

All other expenses = 19,291

Total Expenses = 57,691

Here is snapshot of my expense tracking app [MoneyView]:


Wait. Here are some hidden savings also. We bypassed some expenses that we would have incurred had we stayed at home:

Electricity = 3000

Fuel/Travel = 4000

Groceries = 10,000

Savings of total — 17,000

 Effective cost of our trip is 40,000 Cool! It’s even cheaper than our last trip that lasted just for 4-days and 3-nights (effectively 2 days of enjoyment and 2 days of hassle)

Key Learnings for hacking a travel in India

  • Book AirBnb rather than hotel if you are planning a long vacation. (Signup and get Rs.1200 on AirBnb)
  • Don’t book a package online but make your own travel plans
  • Get ‘Work From Home’ if you can not get long leaves
  • Combine train & air travel to save a lot of money (depends where you are traveling)
  • Cook your own food at long vacation (find apartment with kitchen on AirBnb)
  • Long vacation means keep working and enjoying the stay. A balanced mix of work & enjoyment.

To repeat my long vacation experience, I am staying in Thailand for 50 days now.

We are spending almost the entire summer vacations in a pleasant place because we wanted to avoid the heat of Indian summer. Actually that is the purpose of summer vacations in Schools.

But most don’t think about spending peak summers in cool places. The first obstacle is job and second is money.

I solved both issues by working on assignments that can be done from any location.

I will share more about managing foreign travel trips in pocket friendly budget.

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My Money View Story

My Money View Story – How Sajjad Reduced 90% Toil in Tracking His Finances

toil in tracking finances

Today we feature, Sajjad, who originally belongs to Mysore, the cleanest city in India and the cultural capital of Karnataka. He works for a US audit firm and resides in Bangalore with his wife.

Financial Management before Money View

Sajjad was handling his financial tracking by manually maintaining records sometimes on paper and at other times on excel sheets. We all know how tedious and cumbersome that gets and also so difficult to stick to a routine. He also admitted that he could only get about 40-50% of his actual expenses tracked in this manner. Though, he is financially conscious and maintains all his financial records diligently, it was a challenge to do it all manually and be regular at it.

How did he come across Money View?

Then he chanced upon an ad for Money View when browsing through a social media platform. He was happy to note that Money View App took minimal details from SMSes and created a complete picture of his finances. He was also glad to note that the App was safe and did not take into account any personal details. He quickly downloaded the App and has been using it every single day since July 2015.

Why Money View?

Sajjad has tried out Money View’s competitors but nothing worked for him as well as Money View. He gets prepared reports about his spends which are detailed and have completely brought down the toil at his end. He says, he saves 90% of the time he invested earlier to manually input details and yet gets better quality reports and insights. He is able to forecast his finances better and also is more in charge of his spends. He knows exactly which categories of expenses to control now.

Features that work for him

He uses Money View every day. He logs in at the end of the day and checks his expenses and inputs any cash expenses. Very impressive, Sajjad, the discipline you display with your money.

Daily reminders take away all his worries and he now pays all his bills on time. He also can track his cash gifts and loan repayments better. He likes how his expense are automatically slotted into categories on their own making it easier to track a particular category.

He likes the budget feature and loves the weekly, monthly and annual reports that make his financial management a breeze.

Final Word

I save 90% of my time and yet track my finances better with Money View!”

Sajjad says he is addicted to Money View. Well, this is one addiction that is completely safe and useful, we’d say.

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Money View Story: Customer is King

My Money View Story: How Vijay Found out that Customer is King

Money View Story: Customer is King

Vijay S G is one of Money View’s unabashed admirers and users. He has been tracking his finance through Money View for a year now. Based in Chennai, Vijay is a techie. He got married a few years back and lives with his parents and wife in Chennai.

He has been very disciplined when it comes to tracking his spends. A man very much with the times, Vijay, owns a smartphone and uses it smartly to makes his chores easier. He shops online, uses Apps to simplify his life and that is how he chanced upon Money View. Earlier he used the notepad feature on his smartphone to manually enter his daily expenses. A tedious process that he kept up with for the lack of a better alternative. Money View completely changed that for him.

Money View helps him:

  1. Minimize his efforts of inputting financial data as it automatically picks up data from his SMSes
  2. Track his finances and present category-wise spends to help him plan his expenses better
  3. Save money as he is more conscious of how and where he is spending his money
  4. Get useful weekly, monthly and annual financial spend picture categorywise
  5. Get timely reminders to pay his bills and also lets him pay them from within the App
  6. Make his life easier and more disciplined

Customer is King

Vijay recently went through the harrowing experience of losing his mobile phone. Not only had he lost all his contacts and other data stored on his phone, he came very close to losing Money View from his life. When he got a new smartphone and tried to log into his Money View account, he discovered that he was not able to access his data, all one year of it. He felt despondent as he had not taken any backups. He then tried downloading some other Apps that he felt were similar to Money View but he was thoroughly dissatisfied with them. As a last resort, he reached out to Money View Customer Support, not feeling very hopeful. To his delight, the team responded swiftly, addressing his issue and helping him reinstate all data and his profile on his new smartphone.

Vijay was elated. He could not believe that a free App cares so much for its customers when so many paid services often leave their customers in a lurch. So enthused is Vijay with the whole experience that he has recommended Money View to many of his friends and colleagues.

After all he has experienced first hand with Money View that Customer is King!

A truly heartwarming experience of a Money View User.

If you want to join Vijay and 3 million other users to track your money smartly and to save and grow your money, download Money View App.

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My Money View story

Vamsee Krishna, Rs. 1,00,000 Prize Winner Shares His Money View Story

My Money View Story

Today we feature Vamsee Krishna Batchu on the blog. Vamsee is the lucky winner of the #NazariyaBadlo New Year Contest of Money View and has won, hold your breath, Rs. 1,00,000 to fulfill his dreams.

About Vamsee

Vamsee lives in the city of Ahmedabad with his family, mother and sister. He works as a Product Development Engineer with Ford India. Not only does he love using Money View but has recommended the App to his friends and family.

Tryst with Money View

“I found Money View in Google Play store during the time when I was struggling to manage huge expenses of my marriage. That was my Eureka moment!” Since getting the App on his mobile phone, Vamsee uses it every day and he says that Money View has helped him get his finances under control.

How Money View has transformed his financial life

Better control of his expenses: Not only does he control impulse spends like eating out and movies, but he keeps better tabs on transport costs, missing business expenses which were not reimbursed etc. using Money View. Timely reminders help him keep his expenses within the budget available (available to spend) for the particular month.

Investment: He is investing the money saved by reducing impulse spending in ULIPs, SIP and stocks etc. thus improving his saving and providing better for his family's future.

Timely bill payments: With reminders to pay his bills, he is no longer late on payments of any of his bills like credit card, telephone, mobile bill, electricity bill etc. He saves on the late payment fees and has more peace of mind.

Reimbursements: Since Vamsee travels quite a bit both domestically and abroad, he often forgets to claim reimbursements on sundry expenses. Not any more. He says that he can now keep track of all his reimbursements with Money View feature.

A bird’s eye view of all bank balance: Since Vamsee has a number of bank accounts and several credit cards, it was a pain getting a big picture of net balances, spends and expenses. Now, Money View does the hard work for him giving him his trends of spending and net balance thus providing him a bird’s eye view of his financial situation at all times.

Monitoring finances is now a breeze: Earlier Vamsee struggled with excel sheets and paper accounting but not any more. Now he can manage his money effectively. He categorize his expenses systematically and his spends are automatically updated based on his SMSes. He is also aware of his regular spending pattern. All this information would have taken him tons of efforts but is now available to him at his fingertips with the Money View App.

Rs. 1,00000 and ahead

The calm head that Vamsee is, he intends to invest Rs. 1,00,000 that he has won to pay for the future financial needs of his young family.

It was a pleasure interacting with a Money View user like Vamsee who is so passionate about the App and featuring his Money View story on the blog. We hope that the money he has won will help him fulfill his dreams.

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Money View

My Money View Story: How Deebiga Found Freedom from Drudgery of Tracking her finances

My Money View Story

Bangalore is a burgeoning metropolis that has seen progress at a scorching pace in the last decade. From reputed educational institutes to multinationals, BPOs and now startups, Bangalore is a unique cauldron of innovative minds and skilled resources. The city also attracts talent from all over India. One such person is Deebiga. She came to Bangalore a couple of years back after completing her Postgraduation studies. She is a techie with a multinational in the city. She lives alone and apart from her work loves spending time cozying up with a book.

Life, work and finances

A sensible, intelligent, independent single woman, Deebiga represents all that is wonderful with today’s new generation of women. She is ambitious yet level headed and very organized when it comes to money and keeping track of her finances. She gives credit to her father who instilled in her the importance of writing down and tracking every single penny.

Online life

Deebiga is very much a today’s girl. She loves shopping online. She also uses Apps on her phone extensively. Her smartphone is her constant companion as she stays connected on social media. Being someone who uses Apps for their convenience, it was no surprise that Deebiga started with a mobile App that helped her manually input her financial transactions saving her the monotony of maintaining financial records using pen and paper that she would more often than not miss out on despite the best intentions. One day when browsing through Playstore, she clicked on a similar App called Money View and downloaded it. She loved the App from the word go.

“Money View is user friendly and convenient”

Deebiga uses Money View extensively and every day. From using it for documenting her daily expenses to adding custom categories, she does it all. She uses the budget feature though she is still striving hard to stick within the budget set. She also gives regular feedback to the Money View team about the features she would like to have. She is very happy with the trends that give her a bird’s eye view of her expenses. Deebiga says, “I love how Money View uses the capability of reading SMSes to create logs of data about spends, trends etc.”

Thus, she does not need to do any manual entries except for her cash transactions.

“It has helped me reduce my overheads especially I can now track what I’ve loaned to friends.”

An interesting anecdote

She goodnaturedly said that she almost always overspends on her first love, books. But Money View notifications now keep her more conscious of what she is spending on books.

“A convenient App to track my expenses without tracking it.”

She also laughed and remembered how Money View reminded her how her spending on coffee exceeded her spend the previous month. She was quite amused at the detail of it all and how like a benign elder, Money View raps her on her knuckles once in a while.

Final Word

She loves Money View. It is of immense usefulness to her life. She loves the alacrity with which Money View comes up with new features. She loves the App so much that she has recommended it to friends and family. She is also going to participate in the #NazariyaBadlo contest, which is Money View’s New Year campaign that will enter her into a contest where she can win Rs. 1 lakh!

Yet another satisfied Money View user who has found a buddy in Money View to take the drudgery away from tracking finances.

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My Money View Story: How Anil Nair Became Carefree with His Finances

My Money View Story

It is said that if you throw a stone in Bangalore, it is more than likely to hit a techie. Well, Bangalore is a magnet that attracts innovators, techies, students and passionate professionals. In this burgeoning megapolis lives Anil Nair, a private banker. As he helps manage wealth for his clients, he is very conscious of his own too. As expected, Anil loves the city of Bangalore. It is not difficult to understand why -- the beautiful weather. He has lived here for 10 years and Bangalore is home now. Anil lives with his family and loves to spend his weekends watching movies and shopping.

How he organizes his Finances

Being a banker, he is very organized with his financial transactions. He prefers to use his credit or debit card as it is easier to track transactions. Where he gets flummoxed is when he pays cash. He tell us, “It is often so easy to just forget where the money you just withdrew from ATM went.” His pet peeves are those merchants who expect only cash and he hopes that 2-3 years down the line, he will not need to transact in cash at all. He relies on Money View to track his financial transactions.

Shopping online and being methodical with money

Anil is an avid online shopper. From buying electronic gizmos to apparel and even medicine, he is comfortable buying things online. One exception to this rule is when he goes to buy groceries etc. at discounted rates from the army canteen. Yes, Anil is an ex-soldier. A multifaceted personality certainly! About money, Anil believes in the mantra – Money begets money. Hence apart from paying the EMIs for his home, he also borrows money regularly from the market to invest. Since Anil is so conscious and organized in his finances it is no surprise that he is a Money View user. He chanced upon the App in the Google Playstore and it has been love at first download since then for him. Earlier he had an App that aggregated his financial transactions but offered nothing more. But after he got Money View he did not look back. He has had the App since 10 months now and can’t imagine not having it.

A love affair with Money View

With Money View, Anil has a clear snapshot of his spending patterns. He can note down his spends categorywise. He has a bird’s eye view of his spending and income and loves using the budget feature This way, he keeps complete track of his financial transactions. He also loves the fact that Money View App lets him pay his credit card bills from the App itself. So when he has a little free time, he logs in and gets done with his payments in a jiffy. He really appreciates this feature among many others.

He says, “Money View is a fantastic App to own for someone to know where he is spending his real money."

Final Word

Anil says, “Money View is doing a phenomenal job and is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. I don’t see anything else as a replacement.”

Anil loves to have his finances under control. He is delighted that he can do it with an App. He shared with us that recently he had to reset his phone. He lost some of his data but was relieved to see that all his financial data was intact in Money View. It is gratifying to see how Money View has made a tremendous difference to Anil’s life in providing him a Personal Finance Manager to help him manage his Finances efficiently.

Just like this carefree guy in this video

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My Money View Story

My Money View Story: How I started spending wiser and saving smarter

spending wise and saving smarter

The city of Bangalore is a place many working professionals from across India and the world call home now. Blessed with a salubrious climate, a cosmopolitan outlook and an unbridled energy for innovation, Bangalore really does attract the brightest and the best. In this melting pot of people landed Suraj who moved from his hometown in Orissa to Bangalore for a job in a high-profile MNC. Suraj is single and lives with friends. Weekends are his favorites as he gets to let his hair down. He truly believes in the mantra – “Work hard and Party harder.” As he reflects over his time spent in the city, he muses that he has grown tremendously both personally and professionally.

Suraj loves Bangalore which he feels is a perfect city for youngsters. He says, “Bangalore is a good place to be in. The work place is great; friends are fun, lots of cool hangouts and wonderful weather.” However, he mentions that the rush of earning one's own salary can sometimes lead to expenses going completely out of hand. He realized that he needed to keep in control of his finances. Tired of writing down his expenses and income, he switched to Money View App on his mobile.

He has been using the App right from its inception and has seen and experienced every feature that the App has added. Suraj says, “I have been using Money View since the very beginning - before it was launched on the Play Store. You could even call me a Beta user. I have seen the App grow from a basic aggregator to a Personal Finance Manager."

It is not as if Suraj hasn’t tried other Apps but he believes that Money View stands out because it works harder to make money management easier for its users. Suraj says, “I have seen many expense tracking apps. However I liked Money View the best because they have new releases every month based on customer feedback. These guys are really listening to the user and trying to predict their finance management needs. Each release helps them address a specific but perhaps latent need of the user”.

Suraj uses the App to remain within the budget, scan bills for reimbursement, split bills while hanging out with friends and even pay bills online. He loves the fact that he can accomplish so much using a single Personal Finance App!

“Thank God for Money View”, says Suraj, “else I’d be wasting a lot of my time writing down my expenses on paper or fiddling with Excel”.  Having the comforting presence of Money View in his life saves Suraj time, effort and money.

After all, there is so much peace of mind to stay in control of your finances.