August 27, 2015

Rini runs a startup that provides marketing services to a wide range of clients across multiple locations. She is excited about her new venture and wants to double her turnover every year. However managing her finances is not her forte. Rini says, “I want to focus on creating new products, business development and project management. … Continue reading “My Money View Story: Monitoring business and personal expenses is a breeze”

money view
July 27, 2015

Nothing makes Ashish M, an IT consultant, happier than providing simple & effective solutions to the complicated problems his clients face. But as his business consolidated, Ashish found that managing office and personal expenses had become a nightmare. He grins ruefully as he talks about that time. “I was the classic case of the rocket … Continue reading “My Money View Story : Small Spends add up to Big Numbers”

credit score
July 9, 2015

Everybody needs a wingman. Your financial life no less! Let’s help you make some right money moves. Since we’ve been talking Credit Scores in the last two posts, let’s figure out how to score well. Credit Scores can be a vicious cycle – the lower your credit score, the more interest you need to pay; … Continue reading “Did you score well?”

know your credit score
July 9, 2015

Everyone who has ever been through a security check knows the vigilance of a metal detector! Keys, mobile phones or even that odd aluminum foil you forgot to throw away sets off a screening process. Screening is the most employed strategy in the world to assess risks and complications. Much like airports screen for safety … Continue reading “Are you creditworthy?”