500 and 1000 rupee note ban

Your Comprehensive Guide to 500 and 1000 Rupee Note Ban

  On 8th November, one of the biggest monetary reforms to have hit India – demonetization of money was announced by Prime Minister, Modi. Effective from midnight on November 8, all 500 and 1000 rupee notes were going to cease…

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FMP NCD better than FD

Are FMPs and NCDs Better than FDs?

  The morning just after the Diwali, while we had assembled for our daily jogging routine, the smog in the atmosphere made us change our mind and instead we ended up discussing pollution. Manohar Ji wished to leave early since…

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invest every month

Invest Every Month to Fulfil Your Goals

    A couple of hours ago, I was watching pictures of Aditya who was enjoying with his family in Europe. I was just recalling how he shared this wish with me just 2 years back. He wanted to take his…

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gold investments #MoneyViewChat

Gold Investments #MoneyViewChat Recap

  Considering that we were in the thick of Diwali festivities, last week we discussed a topic of interest for all – gold investments. There is more to gold investments than jewellery as you will find out from this interesting…

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lending money friends family

Lending Money to Friends and Family – When to Say No

  I believe in helping friends and family. What’s the point of having money if we can’t support our near and dear ones? I must admit, there have been situations where I have regretted lending money. Once, someone delayed the…

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Is your debit card safe

Is Your Debit Card Safe?

“Debit Cards data compromised, State Bank group issues 6 lakh new debit cards.” I got a screenshot of this news notification from my friend, Ashish. In no time, my phone was ringing and Ashish at the other end seemed worried….

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health insurance

A Recap of Discussion on Health Insurance on #MoneyViewChat

  Last week on #MoneyViewChat, we discussed an important topic, Health Insurance. With the rising incidents of diseases and the exorbitant cost of healthcare, it is important that we stay prepared with health insurance. And sure enough, our community thought…

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life insurance

Is It Better to Buy Life Insurance Online?

October 24, 2016

  This month started with big sales from leading e-commerce websites and I am pretty sure that many of us jumped in and got lured by the nice deals offered by these websites, just like my friend Aditya and I. We were…

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prepay home loan

Should You Prepay Your Home Loan?

October 21, 2016

  For most of us when we retire, our home will be our largest asset. It will also be closest to our heart as we will have fond memories attached to it. Often there is a question that we face…

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credit cards #MoneyViewChat

A Conversation About Credit Cards #MoneyViewChat

  This week we had an interesting tweet chat on #MoneyViewChat and the topic was credit cards. Often a bane of many a spender, a credit card is a financial instrument that if managed well can help you with convenience of…

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