Festive Shopping on #MoneyViewChat


festive shopping #MoneyViewChat

Last week, we had an interesting chat about Festive Shopping on #MoneyViewChat on our twitter handle @MyMoneyView. Since it is festive season, we felt this was a topic of great interest. Here is a roundup of the chat.

Here were the questions:

With online portals holding their discount sales, apparently it is a good time to shop as most of our community opined. Deals hold the greatest appeal while for some it makes sense to buy big-ticket items due to discounts or clearance sales.

Many people shop in advance for both their festival and other shopping needs. The big lure is getting good discounts. Impulse purchases are not uncommon either.

Most people agreed that preparing a checklist is a good idea and helps in preventing the shopping from going overboard. For some others, they have a checklist in their head that they go by.

This seemed to be almost unanimous. Almost everyone prefers to shop online for greater convenience, choice and good returns and refund policies of online portals.

Buying unwanted products and overspending are the biggest mistakes of online shopping. Buying substandard products by mistake and forgetting to compare prices are some other errors.

With this an interesting chat drew to a close.

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