Vamsee Krishna, Rs. 1,00,000 Prize Winner Shares His Money View Story

My Money View Story

Today we feature Vamsee Krishna Batchu on the blog. Vamsee is the lucky winner of the #NazariyaBadlo New Year Contest of Money View and has won, hold your breath, Rs. 1,00,000 to fulfill his dreams.

About Vamsee

Vamsee lives in the city of Ahmedabad with his family, mother and sister. He works as a Product Development Engineer with Ford India. Not only does he love using Money View but has recommended the App to his friends and family.

Tryst with Money View

“I found Money View in Google Play store during the time when I was struggling to manage huge expenses of my marriage. That was my Eureka moment!” Since getting the App on his mobile phone, Vamsee uses it every day and he says that Money View has helped him get his finances under control.

How Money View has transformed his financial life

Better control of his expenses: Not only does he control impulse spends like eating out and movies, but he keeps better tabs on transport costs, missing business expenses which were not reimbursed etc. using Money View. Timely reminders help him keep his expenses within the budget available (available to spend) for the particular month.

Investment: He is investing the money saved by reducing impulse spending in ULIPs, SIP and stocks etc. thus improving his saving and providing better for his family’s future.

Timely bill payments: With reminders to pay his bills, he is no longer late on payments of any of his bills like credit card, telephone, mobile bill, electricity bill etc. He saves on the late payment fees and has more peace of mind.

Reimbursements: Since Vamsee travels quite a bit both domestically and abroad, he often forgets to claim reimbursements on sundry expenses. Not any more. He says that he can now keep track of all his reimbursements with Money View feature.

A bird’s eye view of all bank balance: Since Vamsee has a number of bank accounts and several credit cards, it was a pain getting a big picture of net balances, spends and expenses. Now, Money View does the hard work for him giving him his trends of spending and net balance thus providing him a bird’s eye view of his financial situation at all times.

Monitoring finances is now a breeze: Earlier Vamsee struggled with excel sheets and paper accounting but not any more. Now he can manage his money effectively. He categorize his expenses systematically and his spends are automatically updated based on his SMSes. He is also aware of his regular spending pattern. All this information would have taken him tons of efforts but is now available to him at his fingertips with the Money View App.

Rs. 1,00000 and ahead

The calm head that Vamsee is, he intends to invest Rs. 1,00,000 that he has won to pay for the future financial needs of his young family.

It was a pleasure interacting with a Money View user like Vamsee who is so passionate about the App and featuring his Money View story on the blog. We hope that the money he has won will help him fulfill his dreams.

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