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Personal Loans for Marriage

Marriage is that once in a lifetime event when you want everything to be perfect and the best. It is a celebration of two individuals coming together and comes with its own thrills, excitement and of course the bills. With easily available personal loans for marriage, you can stop worrying about the bills part of the wedding and make the most of the thrills and excitement.

Why should you use a Personal Loan to fund a Wedding?

A wedding in India is a grand affair that involves celebrations, entertainment and lots of expenses, requiring the need for additional finance. A personal loan proves to be the right choice to fund a wedding because of the following reasons.

  • Can Be Used for Any Purpose

    A wedding involves many different kinds of expenses. As a personal loan is not tied down to any strict end-use. You can make use of the personal loan for any of the expenses related to a wedding.

  • Cost-Effective

    A personal loan is an economical option compared to availing wedding loans from unorganized lenders or even using a credit card. The rate of interest on a personal loan is much lower.

  • Lesser Documents Required

    Document requirements for loans like a home loan or a vehicle loan are on the higher side. But a personal loan comes with a much lesser requirement of documentation making it easier to avail.

  • No Guarantor Loan

    You don’t need to provide any guarantee or collateral to avail a personal loan.

  • An Effective Way to Keep Your Savings Intact

    Many individuals often use up their entire savings to fund their wedding expenses. On the other hand, a personal loan works better here, as it can help you retain your savings and build up some financial discipline as you will have to pay the EMIs regularly.

Top 5 factors to keep in mind while going in for a Personal Loan for Wedding

There are thousands of arrangements to be done to ensure the wedding goes on smoothly from invitations to catering to the venue, etc. Finance is an important requirement for all of them. So we present to you certain important factors that you should keep in mind while going in for a personal loan for your wedding.

  1. Create Your Wedding Budget

    Depending upon your plans for your wedding, create a budget taking into account the expenses planned. Always make sure to plan your expenses well within your range of budget.

  2. Estimate Your Loan Requirement

    Once you have your wedding budget in hand, estimate what portion of it will be funded out of your savings and what portion would come from a loan.

  3. Ensure Your Income is in Sync with Your Loan Amount

    Once you are able to decide about the figure of the personal loan, it is good to make sure that the amount is in sync with your income. When you apply for a loan, lenders look at your income and other commitments like loan and credit card payments to ensure you can comfortably pay back your EMI.

  4. Take Care of Your Credit Score

    Credit Score is a reflection of your earlier and current creditworthiness and is one of the key determinants of your getting approval or rejection of your loan. A good credit score has become a mandatory requirement off late. So it is important you check your credit score and ensure you have a good credit score before applying for a wedding loan.

  5. Pay Attention to the Interest Rate on the Loan

    The interest rate on a wedding loan assumes great importance as it determines your EMI amount. So in a hurry to avail of a personal loan for your wedding do not forget to compare and look for a loan that offers the best interest rates and processing charges so that it doesn’t add a burden to your finances.

Advantages of Applying Personal Loan for a Wedding At Money View

You must have realized that personal loans are the best option for funding wedding expenses. Among personal loans, the one from Money View comes loaded with features and benefits that make it very accessible and easy for anyone to avail.

Here are a few of the benefits we offer

Super fast loan approval
Paperless Bliss
Flexibility to suit your needs

Some of the advantages of applying for a personal loan from Money View for your wedding are:

Interest Rates and Other Charges on an Online Wedding Loan from Money View

The rate of interest, processing fees, and other charges plays a big role while availing a wedding loan as it can have an impact on your outgo and increases the cost of the loan.

Personal Wedding Loans from Money View comes with a highly competitive rate of interest and processing charges that it hardly feels like a burden.

Eligibility Criteria Needed for Instant Marriage Loan from Money View

Marriage loans can take off a huge burden off the shoulders of many who are looking to have a wedding of their dreams but can’t afford to have one without financial aid. However, as with other loans, wedding loans also come with certain eligibility criteria.

Our eligibility criteria are easy and clear to understand.

* Please go through the detailed monthly income criteria with respect to your credit score and area of residence

Criteria to get a loan

Age of the applicant should be at least 21 years of age to 65 years of age

Applicant can be of any category (self employed or salaried)

The minimum income criterion for a loan varies from financier to financier

Proof of residence is required for some cases

How can you Apply for An Online Personal Loan for Weddings?

The application process for a Money View Personal Loan for a wedding is pretty simple. It takes just four steps and some details from your end to avail the loan needed for your dream wedding without any hassles.

Read on to know the process involved:

  1. Check Your Eligibility – You can check your eligibility for a loan amount for your wedding in just 2 minutes.
  2. Select Your Plan – Choose any custom loan amount within your eligible amount and the repayment period that suits your financial needs.
  3. Upload Your Documents – Provide your personal details and upload the necessary documents, all on the app or website
  4. Get the Loan Amount – Get the loan amount disbursed to your account in 2 hours of approval.

Documents Required to Apply for a Marriage Loan at Money View

To avail, a Money View Wedding all you need to do is submit three documents. As our entire process is digital, we do not require hard copies of any documents. The documents required are approved copies of Identity Proof, Address Proof, and Income Proof.

The income proof documents requirements differ between salaried and self-employed individuals. Please go through the details of approved document proof.