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Shantanu Gupta

Feb 26, 2023

Thank you so much for the service! Your app claim fast loan approval. Got the amount in minutes.


Vikram Sher

Feb 26, 2023

Had a great experience regarding credit. They just provide you instant credit in times of need. Thanks a lot 😊 for helping me.

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Mann hai
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Get an instant personal loan from moneyview

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Get an instant personal loan in minutes

moneyview provides instant personal loans online for all your needs. All you need is a smartphone and 2 minutes.

We’ve ensured that you can easily get an instant loan online from the comfort of your home. Our application process is quick, hassle-free, and simple enough even for complete beginners. 

The next time you’re in need of some extra funds for a medical emergency, a new business venture, a new mobile phone or a vacation, just get instant loans from moneyview – a few minutes is all it takes!

Top 6 reasons to choose moneyview instant personal loans

moneyview instant personal loans come with unique benefits as given below -

  • Get any amount from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,00,000

  • Enjoy flexible repayment options that can extend up to 5 years

  • Find out your eligibility in just 2 minutes

  • Loan amount is credited to your account in just a few minutes after application approval

  • Our interest rates are economical and start at just 1.33% per month (16% Annually*)

  • From start to finish, you can complete the entire application process easily from the comfort of your home

Our basic eligibility criteria is -

  • Applicant must be salaried or self-employed

  • Monthly in-hand income of ₹13,500 or more

  • Income should be received in a bank

  • Min. CIBIL score and Experian score of 650

  • Should be aged between 21 years and 57 years

We believe in complete transparency. Our fees and charges are upfront without any hidden costs as illustrated below-

Types of Loan FeesRates & Charges Applicable
Interest RateStarting from 1.33% per month (16% Annually*)
Processing Fee/Felicitation ChargesStarting from 2% of the approved loan
Part/Full Payment of the Loan (Loan Foreclosure)
  • No part payments are allowed
  • For foreclosure of your loan, you should have paid a minimum of 3 EMIs.
Interest on Overdue EMIs2% per month
Cheque BounceRs.500/- for every bounce

Here’s why moneyview instant loans stand out in comparison to other offers -

  • Unique credit model- We understand that everyone has different loan requirements. This is why we offer customized offers based on your eligibility
  • Quick Disbursement- The need for extra funds can come up anytime. This is why we do our best to ensure that your loan amount is credited to your account within a few minutes
  • Hassle-free Application Process- Getting a loan should not be complicated. Not only is it easy to get a loan from us, you can complete all the steps from the comfort of your home
  • Minimal Documentation- We mainly require your PAN card and a selfie. In some cases, you may need to provide proof of address and your bank statement. You must also ensure that your Aadhaar and mobile numbers are linked

Yes, you can foreclose your instant personal loan after a certain number of EMIs have been paid, as illustrated below -

Fees and ChargesAmount Chargeable

Foreclosure Charges

Nil but foreclosure can be done only after a minimum number of EMIs have been paid as illustrated below-



Up to 6 months

Not allowed

7 - 18 months

Allowed after 6 EMI payments

Over 18 months

Allowed after 12 EMI payments

Part-prepayment Charges

Part-prepayment is not allowed

An instant personal loan is versatile and can be extremely useful.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular reasons why people take instant loans from us -

  1. Debt Consolidation: Pay off all your high-interest loans with a low-interest personal loan
  2. Build Credit History: Get a loan and pay it all back on time to build a solid credit score
  3. Home Remodeling: Finance your stylish home improvement project without worrying about the cost
  4. Dream Vacations: Head out for a much-needed holiday to an exotic location
  5. Emergency Expenses: Cover all unexpected expenses and bills, such as medical costs
  6. D-Day Events: Organize your biggest events – weddings & parties – the way you want to
  7. Business Ventures: Start your own business without worrying about initial investment
  8. Credit Card Dues: Pay off all your high-interest credit card charges
  9. Higher Education: Study as much as you want to without worrying about course fees
  10. Medical Expenses:Get our instant loan to finance any medical expenses

Once you’ve submitted your loan application, there are multiple ways you can track its status depending on which platform you’ve applied from.

Here are the main steps you’ll need to follow:

1. If you’ve applied on our website
  • Go to the login section on our website, click here
  • Login in to your loan account with your registered phone number
  • Go to the "Dashboard" section of your loan account
  • Scroll down to the "Application Status" tab to know the status of your loan application
2. If you’ve applied on our app
  • Open the moneyview Loans app
  • Register yourself with a valid email ID if you haven’t done it yet
  • If you have the moneyview app, head over to the "Loans" section
  • Check the "Application Status" screen where you can check your application details
  • If you have the moneyview Loans app, you’ll be directed to the "Application Status" screen automatically as soon as you open it

1. Is collateral/security required for an instant personal loan from moneyview?

moneyview instant loans are unsecured loans, hence you do not have to provide collateral or security of any sort.

2. What documents do I need to get an instant personal loan from moneyview?

Our documentation requirements are minimal. We will only require the following -

  • Your PAN number
  • Your mobile number will have to be linked to your Aadhaar card for KYC verification
  • Clear selfie taken in a well-lit area

Please note that we may require proof of address as well as a bank statement based on your profile.

3. Is it safe to get an instant personal loan online from moneyview?

moneyview’s security systems are designed to be in line with those of the best banks in the country. You can be rest assured knowing that all your data is safe and secure as we use 256-bit data encryption for data management.

4. What happens to my existing instant loan if I avail a top-up loan from moneyview?

When you take a top-up loan, we generate a new loan account for you. This new instant loan account has the due amount of the existing loan along with the top up loan amount.

5. What are the applicable interest rates for my instant personal loan from moneyview?

On your screen, you should be able to see a column called 'Monthly EMI'. That is the amount you will be paying each month. The Loan term column tells you the duration of the loan, and you will have to pay your 'Monthly EMI' every month for that duration. The interest column is for your information only, and specifies the entire interest you are paying on that loan amount in the entire duration. It is not related to the amount you will be paying.

6. Will there be a credit report inquiry when I apply for an instant loan from moneyview?

Yes, there will be a credit report enquiry made whenever you avail an instant loan from moneyview. This enquiry will only be made after you submit the loan application.

7. Is there any way to contact a moneyview loan through a call?

You can contact our representatives through the options given below -

To contact us for other purposes, please click here.

For More FAQs - Click Here

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