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Max returns,
Max flexibility

Pro saver is a new-age product that offers flexibility of savings a/c and superior returns of FD

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Pro features

Spend anytime

Access funds 24/7 with our zero lock-in feature. Spend easily using debit card or UPI


Freedom at zero cost

Use funds with zero penalties or hidden fees


Your money is 100% safe

Insured up to ₹5L by DICGC (an RBI subsidiary)


Save the way you like

Choose monthly or one-time deposit to meet your goals, starting as low as ₹1k to as high as ₹10L


No more wait for payouts

Your money multiplies from the time you invest, and the returns are credited every month!


Our trusted partner


(RBI regulated bank)

Banking on the go!

Manage banking on the app

Manage banking on the app

It’s super safe and secure

It’s super safe and secure

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a savings tool that's curated to help you get returns at industry-leading interest rates.

When you deposit an amount greater than 1000, it gets converted into a Fixed Deposit powered by Suryoday Small Finance Bank. Furthermore, the amount is insured by DICGC (a wholly owned subsidiary of RBI) for up to Rs. 5 Lakhs.
In the Pro Saver A/c, all amounts exceeding INR 1000 on a given day will be automatically utilised towards creation of a fixed deposit (FDs). It also provides you with an Overdraft facility that's linked to these FDs. This allows you to utilise funds while simultaneously, amounts in the FDs continue to earn interest.

Note: 9% XIRR returns are earned on amounts upto INR 10 Lakh
At any time, amounts upto INR 10 Lakh in the Pro Saver A/c and Fixed Deposits will earn you a 9% XIRR returns.
No, there is no need to maintain a minimum balance in your Pro Saver A/c. Simply ensure that you add some funds within 90 days of opening your Pro Saver A/c to prevent it from being automatically closed.
The interest gets calculated based on the number of days you've maintained funds in your account.
The interest payouts for the amount invested in your Pro Saver A/c will be deposited by the 1st of the following month.
No, there is no penalty associated with your Pro Saver A/c.
You won't be able to withdraw any funds from an ATM as your virtual debit card can only be used for online transactions.
Yes, the amounts deposited in your Pro Saver A/c are safe. The Pro Saver A/c carries minimal to no risk as the deposited amount gets converted into a Fixed Deposit which is maintained with our Partner Bank, Suryoday Small Finance Bank, which is a bank licensed by RBI. In addition, an amount of up to INR 5 lakhs in your Pro Saver A/c and/or the Fixed Deposit is insured by DICGC (a wholly owned subsidiary of RBI).
No, Moneyview is not a bank.

Moneyview is a technology partner that helps its customers in opening and managing savings bank accounts opened with our Partner Bank. For more details on our Partner Banks, visit our official website.
Please use the Help & Support section on the app menu for any queries. For further assistance, you can reach out to us via email at If you suspect a fraudulent transaction, please reach out to our banking partner, Suryoday Small Finance Bank, by dialing the toll-free number 18002667711 or by sending an email to
Note: Please include your Pro Saver A/c number in the mail subject line so we can resolve your queries at the earliest.
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