Your credit score is a major parameter that depicts your creditworthiness. Both CRIF and CIBIL are credit bureaus that generate your credit score. 

Read ahead to know more about the differences between CRIF score and CIBIL score.

CRIF Highmark Score vs CIBIL Credit Score

Both the CRIF and CIBIL generate a credit score based on the data shared by various credit companies. This score depicts how responsible and creditworthy a borrower is. The higher the score, the easier it is for the person to get a loan.

Let’s look at each of them one by one - 

What is CRIF Score?

CRIF High Mark started its operations in India in the year 2010, and now has become one of the most trustworthy credit score bureaus. Other than India, it is also operational in 40 other countries.

The Reserve Bank of India has licensed it to calculate credit score after its member credit organizations submit information related to customer payment behaviors.  

What is CIBIL Score?

CIBIL or the Credit Information Bureau India Limited, now known as TransUnion CIBIL is an Indian company that calculates borrowers’ credit score. It has been operational in India since the year 2000, and is the most commonly accepted credit score in the country. 

What is the Difference - CRIF Score vs CIBIL Score

The CRIF score and the CIBIL score are generated by separate companies, but have many similarities. Let’s look at the differences and similarities - 

CRIF score CIBIL score

The full name of the organization is CRIF Center for Research in International Finance High Mark 

The full name of the organization is Credit Information Bureau India Limited, also commonly known as TransUnion CIBIL now 

It also has presence in 40 other countries, across 4 continents

It is only present in India

It is licenced by the Reserve Bank of India to generate credit scores

It is also licenced by the Reserve Bank of India to generate credit scores

Scores range from 300-900, the higher the better

Scores range from 300-900, the higher the better

A CRIF High Mark credit report and score are priced at Rs.399 (including GST).

The cost of a CIBIL report and CIBIL score is Rs.550.

You can check your credit score on the CRIF website for free online

You can check your credit score on the CIBIL website for free online

Which is Better - CRIF Score vs CIBIL Score?

The CRIF and CIBIL scores have both similarities and differences. They are generated by separate companies and use their own parameters to gauge an individual’s creditworthiness.

Both scores have a range of 300-900, with a score of 700-750 or above considered to be ideal for most loan products. You can check any of the scores for free and they are licensed by the Reserve Bank of India.

There is no definite answer to which of the two is better. Which credit score you rely on depends on your personal preference and the lender.


Credit scores are generated by multiple companies, CIBIL, CRIF, Experian, Equifax, etc. They may all vary slightly depending on the information sent to them by credit companies, and their interpretation of the same. 

You can work on improving your credit score by paying your monthly EMIs and credit card bills on time. Also make sure not to make too many loan queries or take too many loans at the same time. 

A higher credit score will help you get quick loans on low interest rates.

The CRIF is a credit score generated by the CRIF High Mark and the CIBIL is generated by the TransUnion CIBIL. Both are credit scores, but may vary slightly based on the parameters they use to gauge your credit score.

CRIF and CIBIL use different parameters to judge your credit score. In general, CRIF gives more importance to recent credit activity while CIBIL focuses more on a longer credit history.

CIBIL, Experian, and CRIF are all different companies that generate credit scores for individuals and companies. Their scores may vary depending on the criteria they use to view your creditworthiness.

A CRIF score of above 700 is considered good, and above 800 is considered excellent. But finally, if your credit score is good or not depends on the type of credit you are applying for. 

The CRIF score is used by many credit companies that provide both personal as well as industrial credit options.

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