How Much Time Will It Take To Improve CIBIL Score?

In order to be approved for a credit card or any other financial product, a person's credit or CIBIL score must be at a minimum level that lenders find acceptable. This score is usually 750 and above.

Efforts to improve your credit score can take some time to materialize as several factors come into play. 

How Long Will It Take To Improve My CIBIL Score?

The process of rebuilding your score does not have a fixed timeframe.  The lower your score, the longer it is going to take to rebuild it. 

Depending on where you stand, the time it takes to reach the acceptable score will vary -

Remember, your CIBIL score does not magically improve overnight. It takes time, financially conscious choices, discipline, and healthy spending habits. 

What Is The Importance Of Credit Scores?

Your CIBIL score determines your creditworthiness. It helps banks and other lenders to decide whether you are someone who can be trusted to repay a loan. 

CIBIL score is influenced by various factors such as loan repayment history, credit type, credit duration, utilization ratio, credit mix, and more. A person’s financial dreams depend heavily on credit scores. 

A good credit score can easily help you fulfill your financial goals by improving your chances of quickly obtaining a loan.   

How To Improve CIBIL Score Fast?

There are several factors that influence your CIBIL score. Here is how you can improve your credit score fast -

How Much Time Does It Take To Get The CIBIL Report?

It is necessary to check your credit report from time to time. You can check your credit score easily by requesting a CIBIL report.

You can easily download your credit report from the official website of CIBIL for a small fee. This report consists of your score, an overview of your financials, credit history, utilization ratio, payment history, and the status of your financial health.

Some websites and mobile applications also provide credit scores for free


CIBIL scores take time and effort to improve. Based on your score, it may take anywhere between a few months to a year before you see the score you want. However, once you reach your desirable score, your financial aspirations will become manageable.

To improve CIBIL Credit Score? Related FAQs

TransUnion CIBIL is one of the four bureaus that offer credit reports in India. A credit score is a metric that banks use to determine a person's creditworthiness. The credit score known as the CIBIL score is determined by using the CIBIL report's credit history.

No. Your credit score is not influenced by your debit card transactions.

You can raise a dispute with CIBIL. When you file a dispute, CIBIL will look into it internally before sending it to the appropriate credit institution. When the creditor responds to the dispute request, CIBIL updates the information right away (if necessary) and notifies you of its status. 

It is not possible to raise your credit score in 30 days, especially if your score is very less. However, with consistent effort, you can improve it in a year or less.

Your age does not affect your credit score. Having a score of 750 or higher is always advantageous, regardless of age. Aim for a score of at least 750 to get the best offers on loans and credit cards.

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