How to Check Debit Card EMI Eligibility

Debit cards have eliminated the need for cash and made transactions easier. Now, banks are also providing EMI facilities on debit cards, making them more accessible for our every use.

Here is how to check debit card EMI eligibility.

What is Debit Card EMI?

Debit card EMIs allow users to make big-ticket purchases even without sufficient funds in their bank account. 

When the customer makes a purchase, he/she can choose the debit card EMI option on the merchant's website. After the approval from the merchant and the bank, the bank transfers the amount to the customer’s account, which can be used to make the payment. 

As the bank is offering the amount as a pre-approved overdraft facility, customers have to pay EMI on the amount and the applicable interest. You can also choose the repayment tenure that is suitable for your financial condition. 

Which Banks offer Debit Card EMI?

Several notable banks such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, SBI, Federal Bank, Bank of Baroda, etc. offer this facility.

How to Check EMI Debit Card Eligibility?

The eligibility criteria for each bank differ. The criteria for certain popular banks include -

Check Debit Card EMI Eligibility For HDFC Bank

To check debit card EMI eligibility on HDFC Bank Debit Card, SMS 'MYHDFC' to 5676712

The features and conditions of HDFC bank EMI eligibility are as follows:

Check Debit Card EMI Eligibility For ICICI Bank

For debit card EMI eligibility check, 

SMS DCEMI<space><last 4 digits of Debit Card number> to <5676766>

ICICI bank debit card EMI facility has the following features:

Debit Card EMI Check For SBI Bank 

For debit card EMI eligibility check with SBI bank, 

SMS DCEMI to 567676 from your registered mobile number with the Bank.

Features & Benefits of SBI Bank Debit Card EMI facility:

Debit Card EMI Eligibility Check For Other Banks

Name Of The Bank

Eligibility Check Process 

Axis Bank

SMS DCEMI<space><Last 4 Digits of Debit Card> to 56161600

Federal Bank

SMS DC<space>EMI to 5676762 or give a missed call to 7812900900

Kotak Mahindra Bank

SMS DCEMI <space> <Last 4 Digits of Debit Card> to 5676788


SMS MYOFR to 5676757

IDFC Debit

SMS EASYBUY<space> <Last 4 digits of IDFC First bank card number> to 5676732

How Do I Get An EMI Facility On My Debit Card?

The process of availing EMI on a debit card is similar to that of a credit card. 


Debit card EMI bridges the gap between convenience and financial stability. It eliminates the need for credit checks, reduces approval time and provides the opportunity to build credit score. Several banks in India offer debit card EMI and have simple eligibility checking processes. The next time you are short on funds while purchasing what your heart desires, you know what to do!

Debit Card EMI Eligibility - FAQs

Debit card EMI may include additional charges in addition to the interest rate and processing fee. These include late payment penalties, foreclosure penalties, and so on. These fees may differ from one bank to the next.

No, not all debit cards offer an EMI option. Check with your service provider bank to see if this option is available for your debit card.

Most debit card EMIs include additional fees such as processing fees, foreclosure charges, and so on. However, if you choose no-cost debit card EMIs, you will only have to pay the total amount of the purchase, not anything more.

Yes, Debit Card EMI is a type of loan that charges interest. Current interest rates range between 12 and 16% per year.

Since the debit card EMI is a type of loan, repaying it will improve your credit score. Unlike credit cards, debit card EMI does not require background checks or minimal credit score. It is instant and does not require prior notice. 


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