How to Pay Credit Card Bill Using Debit Card?

Are you looking for an easy way to pay your credit card bills? There are several ways to pay a credit card bill but using a debit card is the most convenient way of them all. 

Let us take a look at how you can easily pay your monthly credit card dues!

Credit Card Bill Payment Using Debit Card - Online Method

Online payment is the most common mode of credit card payment. 

However, most banks accept credit card bill payments through debit cards when the users use the debit card of the same bank. 

For e.g. to pay the credit card bill of HDFC bank, you must use a HDFC debit card. Banks do not accept credit card bill payments from other debit cards. 

However, you can use the net banking option to pay your credit card bill using your bank account from a different bank. 

In order to find out if you can make a payment using a debit card from a different bank, it is wise to check with your credit card issuing bank and learn about all the payment methods and the banks they are affiliated with.

Credit Card Bill Payment By Debit Card - Offline Method

Paying your credit card bill with a debit card through an ATM kiosk at your bank is a popular offline method. 

Most banks allow you to make credit card payments on their own credit cards by visiting their bank ATMs. 

You cannot, however, use a debit card from one bank to pay a credit card bill from another. Credit card payments, unlike ATM cash withdrawals, must be made at the respective bank ATMs and not at any other bank ATMs.

To pay an HDFC Credit card bill, you must use HDFC ATM, not other bank ATMs. At the ATM, you can pay either the total or minimum amount due on the card.

Can I Pay Credit Card Bill From Debit Card Of Another Bank?

Currently, very few banks accept credit card bill payments from a different bank’s debit card. 

Check with your provider regarding the types of credit card payments they accept. In case you can not pay with your debit card, you can always register for net banking, and use the account linked to your debit card.

What Are The Benefits of Credit Card Bill Payment Using Debit Card?

You can avail several benefits when you pay credit card bill from a debit card, such as the following.


Banks have introduced various ways to pay credit card bills to bring convenience to their customers. 

A debit card is one of the easiest methods to pay your monthly dues on a credit card. This can not only help you save time but also money in the form of rewards, discounts, and other offers.

Pay Credit Card Bill Using Debit Card - FAQs

Yes. All our payments through debit cards are secured by the bank. Hence it is safe for you to pay your credit card bill with a debit card.

Most banks do not charge any fee for this service. However, a handful of banks do. Enquire with your bank regarding the service charges before opting for this method.

If you are consistent in your credit card bill payments via any method, then your credit score will improve. 

Yes, you can pay your credit card bill at an ATM with a debit card. 

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