What is CVV in a Debit Card?

If you have ever tried to make an online transaction, you must have come across the term ‘CVV’. Are you confused about what it is and trying to search for ‘what CVV means in debit card’? Then read on!

CVV Full Form in Debit Card

If you’re curious to know ‘CVV full form in debit card’, here is what it stands for - Card Verification Value. It is required to complete online transactions and also provides an extra layer of security. 

If you use a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit card, your CVV is a 3-digit number. For American Express card holders, the CVV is a 4-digit number.

The CVV Code on Debit Card

If your search for ‘CVV means in debit card’ led you here, it is because this article is going to tell you all about the CVV code. This code has two parts, as explained below -

The magnetic strip on your debit card contains crucial and unique information. Whenever you swipe your card in an ATM or for an offline transaction, this data is used.

This is the second part and the one you need for online transactions. No ATM machine or website has the authority to save your CVV number and therefore helps validate the presence of the physical card while making the transaction.

How to Know CVV Number on Debit Card?

You will find your CVV code on the back side of your card, printed prominently. It will be beside the place where you sign your name in most cases, under the black magnetic strip. 

It is unique for every card, and helps protect your card from fraudulent activities. It ensures that only the card holder can use the card. Even if anyone gets hold of your card number, they cannot make a transaction without knowing your CVV code.


The CVV code is a unique 3 or 4-digit code which is needed to complete online transactions. It is printed behind your card but is not the same as the secret PIN. 

Both the CVV and the PIN help keep your card secure, and you should not save or write them anywhere.

FAQs Related to CVV in a Debit Card

The number of digits in your CVV depend on your credit/debit card company. Most debit cards have 3-digit CVV codes.

To complete an online transaction, you need your card number, the CVV, the card expiry date, and finally the OTP that is sent to your registered mobile number.

No one can withdraw money or make a transaction if they know your CVV. Someone will need to have access to both your card and your secret PIN to do so. To complete a transaction as well, they will need your secret PIN or the OTP that gets sent to your registered mobile number.

No, the CVV and the PIN are completely different. The CVV is the number that is printed on your card, while the secret PIN is private to you. Never enter your secret PIN when you are told to enter your CVV.

If you are searching for ‘how to know CVV number on debit card online’, there is no way to do so. You can access your CVV only from your physical card. But in case you have a virtual card, you can check your CVV by logging into your bank app.


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