Loan NOC

If you are wondering what a loan NOC letter or what an NOC for loan closure is, you’ve come to the right place.

NOC full form is No Objection Certificate issued to lift any restriction. NOC is required to lift any stop-work order and would help you to continue on your job. 

In short, the No Objection Certificate or NOC Certificate is a legal document that states you have paid all EMIs and cleared any and every outstanding loan dues that may have been in your name. It is also known as No Dues Certificate.

What is NOC for Personal loan?

It is a legal document that is provided by your lender at the end of the personal loan repayment period. 

It contains information such as your name, the loan account number, and date of loan closure, among others. The certificate implies that the borrower has paid the loan amount and all other dues in full to the lender.

How Can I Get the NOC for Loan Closure?

Generally, the NOC for loan closure is sent by the lender to the borrower after all personal loan formalities are completed. This can either be through post or digitally.

Format for NOC Loan Closure

NOC for loan closure format varies from one lender to another but generally, if you wish to send a letter or an email to your lender requesting for an NOC, the format would be similar to that of a formal letter.

Provide all details of your loan and proof of all dues paid and request for an NOC. If you have availed a personal loan from a bank then the letter can be addressed to the bank manager.

Does Money View Provide Personal Loan NOC?

Yes, Money View provides an NOC to the customer after the successful payment of all the loan EMIs and all other dues.

Importance of NOC for Loan

Once you have repaid all the dues for your personal loan, it is important to collect your NOC from the lender without fail. This step is extremely important because -

  • Ensures Legal Security

    Having the certificate is proof that the loan has been successfully closed and that you do not owe any money to the lender. This helps to avoid any legal discrepancies or misunderstandings with the lender.

  • Proof of Repayment

    An NOC acts as proof that the dues have been cleared. It ensures that the bank can’t trouble you later with a notice stating that certain dues are pending.

  • NOC can Help with Credit Scores

    In case the information about your loan closure is not updated in your credit report, you can submit the NOC to the credit bureau as proof and get your information updated.

Documents Required for Avail NOC

In order to avail an NOC you will require the following documents -

  • ID and Address proof

  • Proof that all your loan installments have been paid

Additional requirements may vary based on the lender’s discretion.

Usually, banks and NBFCs send the NOC to the address mentioned in the loan application form after you complete repaying the loan amount. However, that is not always the case, so you may need to be proactive in this regard.

In Conclusion

A No Objection Certificate or No Dues Certificate is a legal document that indicates that a loan has been fully repaid and is an important document to avail. In case your lender has not sent you an NOC once your loan is paid, it is important to be proactive and request them for the same.

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