Loan NOC (No Objection Certificate)

NOC full form is ‘No Objection Certificate’ and is required to lift any stop-work order and would help you to continue your job. 

What is NOC for Loans?

A No Objection Certificate or NOC is a legal document stating you have paid all EMIs and cleared every outstanding loan due that may have been in your name. It is also referred to as a No Dues Certificate.

It is a legal document issued by your lender at the end of the loan repayment period. The following types of loans require NOC after the end of their tenure -

How Can I Get a Loan NOC After Loan Closure?

Generally, the lender sends the NOC to the borrower after all dues and loan formalities are completed. This can be through post or digitally.

If the lender doesn’t issue the NOC after the loan has been paid off, you can write a letter or an email to the lender. You need to request an NOC asking them to return all the original documents they may possess. 

Please note that in the case of a home loan, you need to furnish the NOC to the registrar of properties to remove the hypothecation. If not done, the lender will continue to be the owner of the property on paper. 

NOC Format

A No Objection Certificate is a legal document that clears the lender’s rights on the assets or collateral that may have been mortgaged while procuring the loan. The NOC format, however, varies from lender to lender.

Generally, this document has the following information -

The certificate implies that the borrower has paid the loan amount and all other dues in full to the lender.

Does Moneyview Provide Personal Loan NOC?

Yes, Moneyview provides an NOC to the customer after the EMIs and other dues have been successfully paid off.

Documents Required for Availing of NOC

In order to avail of an NOC you will require the following documents -

Additional requirements may vary based on the lender’s discretion.

Importance of NOC for Loan

Once you have repaid all the dues, it is important to collect your NOC from the lender without fail. A No Objection Certificate has various benefits -

Having the certificate proves that the loan has been successfully closed and that you do not owe any money to the lender. This helps to avoid any legal discrepancies or misunderstandings with the lender.

An NOC acts as proof that the dues have been cleared. It ensures the bank can’t trouble you later with a notice stating that certain dues are pending.

In case the information about your loan closure is not updated in your credit report, you can submit the NOC to the credit bureau as proof and get your information updated, thus improving your credit score.


A No Objection Certificate or No Dues Certificate is a legal document that indicates that a loan has been fully repaid. If your lender has not sent you an NOC once your loan is paid, it is important to be proactive and request them for the same.

Please note that banks and NBFCs usually send the NOC to the address mentioned in the loan application. Thus, if you have changed your address, make sure to update your lender about it.

If you happen to misplace or lose your NOC, you will have to file an FIR. You have to then approach your lender with a copy of the FIR so that they can issue you a duplicate. You must keep your NOC safe, as this process may be cumbersome. 

Loan NOC - Related FAQs

A No Objection Certificate is a document that a lender issues certifying that the borrower has paid the full amount of interest due as well as all other obligations they were required to honor while repaying the loan. Neglecting to obtain a Personal Loan NOC Certificate may have serious legal and financial repercussions, such as

  • Legal implications
  • Reduced credit score
  • Additional charges

It is the borrower’s responsibility to keep the NOC safe and ensure that the information related to your loan and personal identity is accurate. 

In case you misplace your NOC, file an FIR. After that, in order to obtain a duplicate copy for an NOC, the borrower must approach the lender with a copy of the FIR and the loan-related documents. However, this procedure might take some time.

Yes. NOC is required for a personal loan. As soon as you finish repaying the loan, request the lender to issue an NOC.

Every type of loan closure requires a NOC. A NOC will act as written proof that you have repaid the loan in full.

NOC can only be obtained after your loan is paid in full. Some lenders offer online NOCs for loans obtained online. Other lenders require you to approach the bank and request the NOC in person.

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