Top Features and Benefits of Personal Loan in Kochi


Flexible Loan Amount

Customers have full freedom to decide the loan amount they wish to avail. Any amount between Rs.5, 000 and Rs.5, 00,000 can be borrowed based on their eligibility.


24 Hour Disbursal

Our personal loan is disbursed to your bank account within 24 business hours after the approval.


Collateral Free Loans

To apply for a personal loan through Money View, you don’t have to pledge any asset or arrange for a guarantor


Affordable Interest Rates

We understand how important interest rates are as they determine the EMI amount to be paid. At Money View, the interest rate starts at just 1.33% per month


Fully Online

Imagine checking for your eligibity within just 2 minutes! This is possible if you are applying for a personal loan MoneyView.


Flexible Repayment

MoneyView’s flexible repayment plans allow applicants to decide their own repayment tenure that can stretch up to 60 months or 5 years.


Loans on Low Credit Score

The minimum score required is a CIBIL score of 600 or Experian score of 650.


Instant Eligibility Check

MoneyView’s eligibility check is easy and takes just under 2 minutes. The calculations will be taken care of by us and applicants will only have to provide a few basic details

Kochi, the queen of the Arabian sea, boasts of one of the finest natural harbors in the world. Its pristine waters and mesmerizing scenes of nature are truly a sight to behold.

The serene backwaters of Kochi are lined with coconut trees and exotic birds from all over the world. Another added feather in its bonnet is that moneyview, one of the leading money lenders in India, is available in Kochi as well.

Simply go to the website or the app, check your eligibility, and your loan amount, upload the required documents, and voila! you get your loan. It’s that simple.

Interest Rates and Other Charges for MoneyView Personal Loans in Kochi

Interest rates and all other charges have been decided to keep in mind the comfort and financial growth of customers. Additionally, there are no hidden charges as well. Take a look at the fees and charges that have been put forth by MoneyView.

Fees & Charges Amount
Interest Rate Starts at 1.33% per month
Loan Processing Charges Starts at 2% and up to 8% of the approved loan amount
Loan Foreclosure
  • Part payments are not allowed
  • Complete prepayment is allowed after 3 EMIs
Interest on Overdue EMIs 2% per month on the overdue EMI/Principal loan amount
Interest on EMIs that are overdue 2% per month on the EMI loan amount that is overdue
Cheque Bounce Rs 500 for every cheque bounce
Loan Cancellation
  • Additional charges will not be levied apart from the interest for the period in between loan disbursement and loan cancellation /li>
  • Processing fees will be retained

Eligibility Criteria for MoneyView Personal Loans in Kochi

The biggest advantage of personal loans is the fact that it can be used for a variety of needs, especially emergencies. Keeping this in mind, the eligibility criteria for MoneyView personal loans are uncomplicated. The table below provides the income and credit score eligibility criteria.

Minimum Income (In-hand) Minimum Credit Score Needed
Salaried Individuals Rs.13, 500
  • CIBIL Score – 650 and above
  • Experian Score – 750 and above

Additionally, applicants must be between the ages of 21 and 75 years and their income must be credited to their bank account.

Documents Required for Availing a MoneyView Instant Personal Loan in Kochi

MoneyView does not believe in extensive and complicated documentation processes. The documents required are as follows:

  • ID Proof
    An original identity proof that is government issued and clearly displays the date of birth is allowed. Certain examples are Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Driver’s License (not expired) or PAN card.
  • Address Proof
    An original document that has been issued by the Government of India that displays the current address of the applicant can be submitted. These include an Aadhaar card, Utility bills such as electricity, telephone, etc., Ration Card, Voter ID, Bank Statement, etc. Applicants must note that utility bills and bank statements are only accepted if they have been generated within the past 60 days.
  • Income Proof
    For salaried individuals, the previous three months’ salary slips that showcase important details such as the name of the employer or the past three months’ bank statements in PDF format showing salary credits are valid.

How to Apply for Moneyview Personal Loan in Kochi


Check Eligibility

We have a very simple eligibility process in place. Customers will have to fill in the necessary details after which they can find out if they are eligible within just two minutes.


Select Loan Tenure

Customers have the option of choosing a plan that is most suited for their needs and requirements. Any amount between Rs. 5, 000 to Rs. 5, 00, 000 can be selected along with a repayment term of up to 5 years or 60 months.


Upload Documents

Once the above steps have been completed, customers will have to give the relevant personal details and upload all the information necessary directly to the app or the website.


Amount Disbursed

And voila! After all the documents have been approved, the loan amount will get disbursed directly to the customer’s bank account within a period of 24 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Maintaining a high credit score is of the utmost importance as doing so will ensure that one can avail of a loan at lower rates of interest and a lot more easily as well. However, this is not an easy process and sometimes slip-ups do occur. This does not mean that individuals cannot avail of personal loans at all. While building one’s credit score is highly recommended, personal loans can still be availed with a lower credit score as well. MoneyView uses its own credit model that has been designed by experts and makes use of a unique algorithm and therefore creditworthiness of an individual is decided differently. However, individuals must have a minimum CIBIL score of 650 or a minimum Experian Score of 750 which is much lower than what most banks charge.

Tracking one’s application on MoneyView is very simple. The steps given below will have to be followed for the same.

If customers have applied through the MoneyView website:

  • Customers must open the website and click on ‘Login’ to login or signup by creating an account
  • They must then login to the account with their registered email ID
  • Next step is to click on ‘Dashboard’, scroll down and select ‘Application Status’ to find out the status of their personal loan application

If customers have applied through the MoneyView app:

  • Applicants must open the MoneyView app and register their account with their email ID.
  • They must then click on ‘Loans’ and will be automatically directed to the ‘Application Status’ section
  • Users of the MoneyView Loans application will be taken to the ‘Application Status’ screen as soon as the app is opened

While there are multiple providers of personal loans in Kochi, MoneyView stands out because they provide loans easily without unnecessary hassles, hidden charges, and stress. Some of the benefits include:

  • Simple and Quick Eligibility Check
    Going through the entire process of applying for a loan only to be rejected is a painful process. Which is why, MoneyView provides a 2-minute eligibility check for all customers
  • Paperless Process
    Wasting paper by printing out multiple copies of documents is all in the past. The entire process of applying for and availing a personal loan through MoneyView is a paperless process and all steps can be completed online
  • In-house Credit Scoring Model
    MoneyView has its own unique credit scoring model that makes use of advanced algorithms to help determine an individual’s creditworthiness. Therefore, even those with relatively lower credit scores can procure a personal loan
  • Available Pan India
    Personal loans from MoneyView can be availed not just in Kochi but across the country Personal loans are one of the most popular loans available in the market today due to ease of procurement as well as their versatility. With MoneyView, individuals can enjoy a quick and hassle-free application process and an even faster disbursal process.


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