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The Prestige of Maharashtra

The soul of Maharashtra, as some would call it; Kolhapur is one of the oldest cities of this western state of India. This city has been ruled by some of the finest men in history, and hence commands a royalty around it like no other. The city of Kolhapur is famous for a lot of things like food, footwear and even wrestling, which is why it is also called as the City of Wrestlers.

Another aspect of this city which gets it this popular aura is the city’s inclination towards religion. Being an ancient city, Kolhapur has been mentioned across various religious texts. The home of the popular folkdance Lavani, Kolhapur represents the spirit of Maharashtra in every discernible manner possible.


Economically, the city garners a lot of its revenue through tourism and through the endless array of manufacturing units set up here. The city is particularly popular for its handicraft products like the Kolhapuri slippers, and hand block printing of textiles, etc.

Getting your hands on a personal loan in Kolhapur is possible, but not easy.

Finances in Kolhapur

There is no doubt that there is an immense outreach of various banks here, considering the popularity of this city. But the fact remains that banks here are still stringent when it comes to giving out personal loans. They follow protocols strictly, and would not pass your loan application if even a single document goes amiss.

Private finance in Kolhapur may offer you instant cash loans relatively faster. These loans, however, come with hidden charges and fine print terms and conditions which may befall heavily on your financial planning in the months to come.

The need of the hour may compel you to turn to private money lenders in Kolhapur who offer you small personal loans. They may seem to be a good option at first, but in the long run, you realise it wasn’t all that profitable as you end up paying more than what you got.

Is There Anywhere In Kolhapur Where I Can Get Reliable Personal Loans?

An emergency can arise out of nowhere. This is when you would not want to dig into your hard earned savings. Having someone have your back when it counts is a relief. And this unending sense of relief is what we offer through MoneyView.

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Financial shortages can happen to anyone. Running out of funds is not something now, and is definitely not something unheard of. In times like these, a small personal loan goes a long way in helping you make ends meet.

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To wrap it up

Easy personal loans in Kolhapur are no longer as impossible as they were once assumed to be. With MoneyView, you now get a world of features to enjoy from, which makes the loan procedure simpler than ever before.

Not only does the app offer you instant loans, but it also tracks your expenses and your savings and sends you timely reminders about your EMI payments, so you do not miss out on your payments.

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