Personal Loan in Patna

The Ancient City of North India

Known to be one of the oldest cities of India, Patna finds its roots all the way back in 490 BCE, when it was founded by the King of the Royal Empire of Magadha. Known as Pataliputra back in those days, Patna was the capital of one of the most successful dynasties of India.

Today, Patna is still holding its relevance intact, by being a city of financial importance. To add to its endless accolades, in 2009, the World Bank ranked Patna second in India for the ease it provides for starting a business.

Patna is also the 21st fastest growing city in the world, as per a study conducted by City Mayors Foundation.

Economically, Patna is an agricultural hub and a prime centre of trade. The city generates most of its revenue via the primary sector. There are also several sugar mills in Patna that bring in a lot of business for the city.

Finances in Patna

A rapidly growing city – Patna – with a GDP growth rate of 7.29%, offers loans relatively faster. However, getting a personal loan in Patna may get difficult. This is due to the fact that banks here have a primitive approach when it comes to getting loans.

A cash loan in Patna requires one to go through the endless rounds of application, which may essentially exhaust the will to get a loan, and the amount may not even arrive when one needs it the most.

Desperate times may compel you to turn to private loan financer in Patna who offer money on interest in Patna. These loans, though relatively speedier than what you’d get from a bank, are studded with heavy interest rates, which fall too heavy on your monthly finances in the months to follow.

A private money lender in Patna may await an emergency to fall on you, so that the lender can capitalize on your financial shortcoming, and considering the need of the hour, you would just rush in to hasty decisions.

But with MoneyView, all your problems come to a definitive end, without hassling you at all.

What is MoneyView?

MoneyView is an online financial assistance portal that offers lightning fast loans without the usual procedural hassle. We offer loans online, so that you get your loans right when you need them.

We understand financial shortcomings and hence offer you with features that also make repayment easier. We were built on the idea to make India financially fit. And for that, the following features are helpful:

  • Instant loans: Any loan agency in Patna would not offer you a speedier loan than MoneyView. This claim comes from our speedy verification procedure in place which ensures that you get your desired loan amount (which could be anywhere from Rs 10,000 to Rs 5 lacs) within a matter of hours. This means that you would not have to wait for days to get your loan approved. With MoneyView, apply for a loan online and have the amount reach you almost instantly.
  • Flexible loans: With MoneyView, you get the leeway to structure your loans the way you want them. Each one’s financial capacities vary, and hence we believe in offering freedom to choose your payback period. MoneyView allows you to choose a principal payback period from anywhere between 3-12 months.
    This puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your loan, and you get to steer your payments without having your monthly expenses or savings disturbed.
  • Paperless process: Personal loan in Patna Bihar would generally demand a heap of paperwork to be filled out. Banks and private financers alike base their security on documentation, which quite often delays the whole process considerably. With MoneyView’s paperless interface, you get to experience an entirely paperless procedure. From the day you apply for a loan, till you pay off your last instalment, you have it all at the tip of your finger.

To wrap it up

Getting a personal loan in Patna was never this easy before. With a bucket load of features that come along with instant loans, you experience a lucid process when it comes to availing a loan during financial crisis.

With Money View, you find a financial manager that manages all your expenses and savings by syncing with your device, and also send you timely reminders about your upcoming payments.

Make your finances effectively convenient, only with MoneyView.


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For Salaried – Min ₹ 14,000 In Hand Salary
For Self Employed – Min. ₹ 25,000 Income with 2 years Income Tax Return Filed

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