Formerly known as the Land of the Braves, Nalasopara (formerly known as Sopara), is a town within the confines of Mumbai. This town belongs to the Palghar district of Maharashtra and has an approximate population of about 184,664 as of the census conducted in 2001.

Scholars and expert historians acknowledge Nalasopara to be an important trade centre of Ancient India. It was known to conduct trade with important trading countries like Mesopotamia, Arabia, Egypt and Eastern Africa. This place has tonnes of historic importance as it has been mentioned in Buddhist texts. It has even been mentioned by Ptolemy who called this town as Soupara and called it a commercially important town during his time.

Today, there aren’t many historic remnants that speak of the rich history this town once possessed. Blame it on the tides of time that did not spare this prosperous town. However, the Chakreshwar Mandir stands as the ancient Shrine of Lord Shiva,

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