Does OLA Postpaid Affect CIBIL Score

Ola postpaid service is a credit limit offered to select Ola customers. At the end of the billing cycle or once your credit limit is exhausted, you must clear your Ola Postpaid dues. 

In this article, we will look at how Ola Postpaid affects your credit score. 

What is Ola Postpaid?

Ola postpaid is a service introduced by Ola that allows customers to book hassle-free rides and pay the charges all at once, every 15 days. This service is available to regular Ola customers with a good customer history.

This is similar to the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ model and is a credit line extended by Ola. Through this, Ola aims to improve customer satisfaction and provide a safe as well as quick payment experience for its users. 

Additionally, Ola postpaid through Ola money is also accepted at many retail stores and supported by over 300+ apps. 

Does Ola Postpaid Affect Cibil Score?

Ola postpaid can be used for cab service and at several merchants who accept this payment method. It can be used for online shopping, DTH bills, postpaid mobile recharges, and more.

In case of late payments, the affiliate merchants hold the right to report your payment default to credit bureaus. This will impact your credit score and cause it to drop a few points. 

Additionally, it will make it difficult for you to access credit on your own terms in the future.

How Does Ola Postpaid Work?

When booking a ride, you can select Ola Postpaid as the mode of payment. Each customer has a billing cycle(15/30 days) and a postpaid limit. When the limit is exhausted or the billing cycle is completed, users have to pay off the balance. 

Once the balance is cleared, the next billing cycle will start, and the limit will be open again.

This service is available only for select customers and is on an invite-only basis. 

What Happens If I Delay Ola Postpaid Payments?

Customers will receive regular notifications of their bills, postpaid balance, and due dates from Ola. Moreover, Ola does not levy any extra charges on bills paid within the due date. 

However, if you delay the payments, you will be charged a small sum based on how late you pay. 


Ola postpaid is a credit line offered by Ola. It can be used for cab services and at several merchant outlets across the country. Customers availing Ola postpaid must pay their bills on time to avoid additional charges and a decrease in credit scores. 

Does Ola Postpaid Affect CIBIL Score - FAQs

Yes. Based on your usage and repayment pattern, your credit will be increased or decreased.

Ola Postpaid is an invite-only service. It is offered to select customers who are frequent Ola users and have a history of good customer behavior. 

You can easily check your Ola postpaid balance using the Ola app.

Ola allows customers to pay their bills through any payment method of their choice. Simply go to your Ola money profile, select ‘clear dues’, and choose any payment method. 

Since Ola Postpaid is only for select customers, your billing cycle is unique to you. It is either 15 days or 30 days based on your profile. You can check your billing cycle in your profile.

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