Does Increasing Credit Limit Affect Credit Score?

A credit limit is assigned to each borrower when they get a new credit card. This limit depends on the borrower's behavior until that point and is subject to many changes over time based on several factors. 

In this article, we will explore the effect of credit limit on credit score and the factors that influence the limit. 

How Does Credit Limit Affect Credit Score?

Does increasing credit limit affect credit score? Yes, it does

When you request a credit limit increase, the hard inquiry conducted by the lender decreases your credit score by a few points

However, the increase in credit limit additionally lowers your credit utilization ratio. The decrease in credit utilization ratio combined with consistent repayments of new debt will gradually increase your credit score.

Your credit card company can decide to automatically up your limit if you are a responsible borrower. In such cases, your credit score will not be affected negatively. 

How Can I Increase My Credit Limit?

Banks and other lenders generally offer to increase the credit limit of individuals with good credit history and a track record of timely repayments. This increase in credit limit gives borrowers the ability to spend more and make big-ticket purchases in one go. 

Another way to increase your credit limit is by placing a request to your lender. The lender will conduct a hard inquiry to understand your profile as a borrower and check if you are eligible for a credit limit increase. 

If the lender finds you eligible, they will approve your request and increase your limit based on your credit behavior.

Which Factors Influence Credit Limit Increase?

A higher credit limit is healthy for your credit score. The following factors impact your chances of a credit limit increase. 

Can The Lender Decrease My Credit Limit?

The lender has the authority to increase your credit limit. In like manner, the opposite is also possible. 

If the lender finds you careless with your credit and unreliable with your repayments, they have the right to decrease your limit. It can also happen if you seldom or never use your credit card. 

This move will increase your credit utilization ratio and lower your credit score. 


The credit limit depends on various factors, one of which is the credit score. In the same way, an increase or decrease in credit limit impacts the credit score accordingly. Some lenders consider your repayment patterns, consumer behavior and offer a credit limit increase. As a regular credit card user, you can also request an increase. 

Does Increasing Credit Limit Affect Credit Score? - Related FAQs

Yes. You can decline the increase and your credit card company will revise your limit to reflect the previous limit.

If you are a reliable borrower with good history, you can request an increase of 10 - 25% of your existing limit.

A higher limit means more debt. You must be responsible with your spending when your limit increases.

Requesting a credit limit increase can temporarily reduce your credit score. You must put in more work towards increasing your score once your limit increases. 

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