In How Many Days CIBIL Score is Updated

When trying to build your CIBIL score, the first question that might come to your mind is in how many days is CIBIL score updated. The CIBIL score normally gets updated every 30-45 days.

Read ahead to know more about CIBIL score updates.

How Often CIBIL Score is Updated?

The Credit Information Bureau India Limited or CIBIL is an Indian company that displays credit ratings. They collect the information sent to them via various lenders, banks, and credit companies. This data is compiled and a score is given to each customer, which depicts their credit behavior.

Credit scores range from 300-900, and the higher your score, the more creditworthy you are. 

Credit companies send information every 30-45 days, after which it gets updated. So, in case there is a change in your credit behavior, it may not show up in the next update itself. 

When Does CIBIL Score Get Updated?

The CIBIL score is a very important parameter for you while taking a loan. It is a numerical value which can tell at once how you manage your money. 

Once you take the first loan, the CIBIL score gets updated every month or 45 days. But there are two main situations when your CIBIL score may see changes - 

A Dispute

If you have reported a dispute or made a complaint against a miscalculation of your score, you can expect to see a change in your CIBIL score. It might take up to 90 days for the conflict to be investigated and the required changes to be made. 

Loan Payment

Loan repayments or EMI payments are a monthly affair if you have an active loan. In this case, your report is sent to the CIBIL every month or every 45 days. You can expect to see consistent changes based on your payment behavior. 

If you miss a payment, close a big loan, or take a new credit card, your credit score will be affected. In general if you maintain good financial behavior, you will see a steady rise in your score. 

How to Update CIBIL Score?

You, as a customer, have no role to play in the updation of the CIBIL score. 

You just have to pay your EMIs and credit card bills on time, and the credit companies will continue to send this information to the credit bureau. 

In case of a miscalculation or an unexpected change in your CIBIL score, you can report the same to the authorities. You can get in touch with the lenders or the credit card providers, and make sure if they have passed on your information further. You can also go to the CIBIL website’s consumer dispute resolution page.

You must follow up with them from time to time about this, and also monitor your CIBIL score closely to check if the mistake got rectified or not.


Your CIBIL score is a direct portrayal of your financial health. It shows how you manage your money, how often you take loans, and how you repay them. 

Maintaining a good CIBIL score is extremely important, as it can help you get loans at affordable interest rates. All you need to do is plan your loans beforehand, and not take any loans which might end up becoming a burden for you.

As the information of your credit score takes some time to be updated, be patient if you are trying to improve your credit score. Be consistent with your efforts and monitor your CIBIL score regularly. You must see a steady improvement in your score within a few months.

When does the CIBIL Credit Score Update - FAQs

Improving your CIBIL is a long and steady process, but it can go up by 50 to 100 points in a month. The closer your score is to 750, the faster it will go up. 

It might take about 30-45 days for the credit companies to send your information further. But if you are not seeing a change even after that, you can raise a dispute or approach your lender.

The credit companies send consumer’s information every 30-45 days and CIBIL also gets updated after that duration.

There is no shortcut to improving your CIBIL score other than being consistent. Keep paying your credit card bills and EMIs on time every month. Also don’t make too many loan enquiries or apply for too many credit cards at the same time. It can take anywhere between 4 to 12 months to see a significant increase in your credit score.

Yes, CIBIL score will improve on its own as your lender will pass on information to the authorities. You just have to focus on maintaining good financial behavior.


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