ECN Number (Enquiry Control Number) in CIBIL Report

A CIBIL score is necessary for most loan applications, particularly unsecured loans. However, a control number in the CIBIL report is required to access your score.

The Control Number is an essential aspect of credit reports provided by the Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL). 

It plays a crucial role in maintaining the accuracy and integrity of credit information. 

In this article, we will delve into what the control number signifies, its significance, and how it affects your credit profile.

What is the ECN Number in the CIBIL Report?

A control number, also known as the Consumer Credit Information Control Number (CCI Control Number), or Enquiry Control Number (ECN), is a unique identifier assigned to each credit report generated by CIBIL

It serves as a reference point to access and authenticate an individual's credit information. The control number is a 9-digit alphanumeric code that is generated when a lending institution or a credit bureau requests a credit report from CIBIL

It's important to note that the control number will differ for each borrower, and no two people will have the same one.  

This number is generated every time a credit report is pulled, so CIBIL requires the control number to obtain the exact details that the lender viewed or referred to when the credit report was pulled.

How to get a ECN Number in CIBIL?

A control number is a confidential and secure identifier used by CIBIL to maintain credit reports and credit history. It is not easily accessible to individuals. 

However, according to the Credit Information Companies Regulation Act, 2005 (CIRCA), individuals have the right to know their credit report and Enquiry Control Number (ECN). There are several methods to obtain the ECN number and credit report:

  1. Requesting the lender: Individuals can request their control number from the lender who has accessed their credit report.
  2. Obtaining the control number from the credit report: If you have recently checked your credit report, you can find the control number in the top right corner of the report. It is advisable to make a note of this number for future reference.
  3. Accessing the control number through CIBIL database: Individuals can make a request for the control number through the following modes:
  4. Helpline number: Dial 1800224245 to inquire about and obtain the ECN number.
  5. Written request: Visit the CIBIL website and submit a written request to obtain the ECN number.
  6. Subscribing for periodic credit reports: By subscribing to a free credit report, individuals can access their ECN number along with their credit report.

It is essential to have access to the control number for various purposes such as credit applications and reviewing credit history. By utilizing these methods, individuals can easily obtain their ECN number and credit report from CIBIL.

Purpose of a ECN Number in CIBIL

The significance of a ECN number in CIBIL can be summarized in three points. 


The ECN number acts as a key identifier for your credit profile. It helps lending institutions retrieve your credit report accurately and quickly during the loan approval process. 

Having a good credit history and a healthy credit score is crucial for securing loans at favorable interest rates. 

The ECN number ensures that the correct credit report is accessed, reducing the chances of mistaken identity or outdated information affecting your loan application.

ECN Control Number in CIBIL - Related FAQs

When a bank checks your credit score, an Enquiry Control Number (ECN) is generated. This control number is a special nine-digit identifier that enables a lender to access borrowers' credit histories.

The control number is used while filling out a CIBIL dispute form along with other details. It is used to identify a person or the credit report for which the dispute is raised.

No, the control number is an exclusive identifier assigned to each individual in CIBIL's database. It is utilized to distinguish and authenticate individuals, making it impossible for two persons to have the same control number.

Absolutely. Individuals can submit a written request on CIBIL's website ( to access information regarding their control number or credit report.

No, the Control Number is not used for personal access to credit reports. It is primarily utilized by lenders and credit bureaus to authenticate and retrieve credit information.

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