How to Block and Unblock Credit Card

Credit cards are one of the most commonly used financial instruments in the world today. Not only are credit cards convenient to use, they come with a number of benefits too.

In addition to the reward points and interest-free payment period, credit cards are also incredibly safe to use. Even if the card is stolen or is lost, you can easily block your card to prevent the balance from getting misused. It is also just as easy to unblock your card.

In this article, let us take a look at how to block credit card and also unblock it.

How to Block Credit Card

Knowing how to block the credit card is important. While the exact steps will vary depending on the credit card provider, the overall process is the same.

You can block your credit card in the following ways -

By calling the credit card provider directly 

Most banks offer 24/7 customer service or a toll-free number through which you can contact them directly. This method is one of the most convenient ways you can use to block your credit card. However, one must note that sometimes these calls can be chargeable.

By visiting the online portal of the credit card provider

Digital banking has made it incredibly convenient for users to access banking facilities from the comfort of their home. One can either log in to the website or use the mobile banking app. If you want to know how to block the credit card then this is one of your options.

Through SMS

Certain banks provide the option to access banking services via SMS. This is also applicable if you wish to block your credit card. 

Via email

If you are still wondering how to block the credit card then this is another option for you. You can contact the bank by emailing them directly and requesting for your credit card to be blocked.

By visiting the bank directly

Since digital banking has been introduced, most prefer availing certain banking services through online portals. However, if this is not possible for some reason, you can always visit the bank directly to block your credit card. You will be asked to submit an application for this.

How to Unblock Your Credit Card?

If you wish to unblock your credit card, you can use the same options given above to block credit cards. You can either call the customer care service, unblock your credit card through the bank’s online portal, email them, or visit the bank directly.

Reasons to Block/Unblock Credit Card

There may be multiple reasons to block or unblock your credit card. Here are some of the more popular ones -

If your card is lost or stolen

This is one of the most common reasons to block a credit card. In case you lose your credit card or it is stolen from you, it is imperative that you block your card at the earliest to prevent the balance from being misused.

In case you get your card back, you can always apply to have it unblocked. In case you are unable to retrieve it, you can apply for the card to be reissued or apply for a new card altogether.

Irregular Payments

If you have not paid your credit card bills regularly or you have defaulted on your payments many times, the credit card issuer may block your card. In such cases, you will have to contact the bank directly and come up with a solution. 

You will have to pay the outstanding bill and only then will you be able to unblock the card. However, if you have defaulted on your payments too many times, your card may be permanently blocked.

Overutilization of Credit Limit

Experts usually advise credit card holders to keep the credit utilization limit to about 30% to 50% of the overall balance. However, if you utilize more than the recommended limit then your credit card may get blocked. You can get your card unblocked only after paying the entire bill.


How to block credit card is an often-asked question. You may need to block or even unblock your credit card in certain situations and it is important to know how to do this. 

Today, thanks to digital banking, there are a number of easy ways to either block or unblock your credit card easily. You can follow the method that is most convenient for you.

How to Block and Unblock Credit Card Related FAQs

You can block your credit card in many ways. These include -

  • Calling the bank’s customer care number

  • Through the online portals of the card provider (website or mobile app)

  • By emailing the card provider

  • Directly visiting the bank 

  • Through SMS

Your credit card could be blocked for various reasons. It is important for you to first find this reason and after this you can contact your bank to get the card unblocked. You can either visit the branch directly, contact the customer service, SMS/email the bank, or use the bank’s online portals to unblock your card.

In most cases you can. However, if your card is blocked due to unpaid bills, you may have to pay the amount first before being able to unblock your credit card.

Your credit card could be blocked due to a number of reasons. Either your card was lost or stolen, you have not paid your bills or you have used more than 70% of your credit utilization limit.

Yes, you can. You can visit the bank directly to have your credit card blocked or unblocked.

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