What are the Advantages of Debit Card

The world has transitioned from cash to cashless transactions. Spending cash everywhere has become non-viable and credit cards quickly lead to overspending. Debit cards are the perfect medium between the two. 

Debit cards remove the necessity to carry the exact amount of cash with you at all times and decrease the chance of overspending. Apart from being safe, and easy to use, there are several other advantages that debit cards provide. 

Here are the 6 reasons why debit cards are a must-have!

Benefits of Debit Card

There are several advantages a debit card offers. They are as follows:

Remain Debt Free 

With a debit card, you spend the money you already have. Credit card holders make purchases with funds they don’t possess. While this is useful in emergencies, a simple impulsive decision can harm your credit score. 

Additionally, credit cards charge a high-interest rate. The convenience of paying with a credit card is nice, but if you're not disciplined about paying off your balance every month, you will end up with a high penalty fee. 


Debit cards are bank accounts you can carry in your purse. Debit cards make payments hassle-free, and your account will be debited directly. Whenever you need cash, you can withdraw money from an ATM using your debit card, eliminating the need to visit your bank. 

Using a debit card holds you responsible for your financial transactions. Unlike credit cards where you pay the sum utilized after a period of time, debit card transactions are instant and withdrawn from your account. This leads to budgeting and financial responsibility. 

Secured Against Fraud

Debit cards offer great security, even against theft. The PIN or four-digit code can be set to any number you like which makes it very difficult to break into. The PIN or number is essential when making most transactions where the debit card can be used. 

You receive a notification every time a transaction goes through and the possibility of dealing with fraudulent transactions is low. In case you lose it, freezing the card will prevent damage by preventing transactions from going through until another pin is set up.

Easy to Obtain

A debit card is very easy to obtain. You don’t need to pass a credit check or have a minimal credit score in order to use it. 

With no credit requirement or application, most banks issue a free debit card when you open a savings or current account. All you need to do is fill in the necessary documentation.  


Many banks offer rewards for using their debit cards. Depending on the bank and its reward program, you could earn points as a sign of loyalty or get a discount on products, services, or airline tickets. 

Some banks also provide cash back on purchases using debit cards. You can redeem the points at any time to purchase products from the bank's online catalog or to earn shopping vouchers. Online shopping platforms also provide discounts or rewards to some debit cards. 

Accepted Everywhere

Debit cards are widely accepted in India, and at international destinations. International transactions can be authorized by simply calling your bank. These cards can be used for cash withdrawals at ATMs all over the world. So you don’t have to carry cash with you when traveling overseas.


If you frequently use your card to pay for things online and offline, then a debit card is the perfect choice for you. With debit cards' numerous benefits, you can truly enjoy seamless access to banking services without ever needing to go to the bank. 

Avoid fraudulent transactions by never disclosing your secret debit card PIN to anyone. Additionally, keep an eye on your bank statement every month and report any unauthorized transactions to your bank as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Debit cards and credit scores are unrelated. You just need a bank account to have a debit card.

Most banks ask customers to maintain a minimum balance in their bank accounts. If the balance falls below the requirement, the bank charges a fee. Some banks charge an annual maintenance fee, card issuance fee, and more. 

Since debit cards have a PIN, it prevents anyone else from misusing them. However, it is best to block the card and ask for a new one.

When you apply for a debit card, you can choose the option to include international transactions. You can also contact the bank later and ask them to enable it.

Each account comes with a different debit card. You will receive a different debit card for each account you hold. 


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