How to Activate SBI Debit Card

SBI account holders, new or existing customers, must activate their new debit cards to efficiently use them for transactions. In this article, we have provided you with a detailed guide on how to activate your SBI debit card easily. Take a look!

How to Do SBI Debit Card Activation Online?

You must sign into the SBI portal and choose the e-services page for SBI ATM card activation online. 

Take a look at these detailed instructions to understand how to activate SBI debit card for online transactions.

You can generate the ATM card PIN online, at the ATM, using IVR, or through SMS. You can also visit the bank branch to generate your ATM card PIN. 

What is The Process for SBI Debit Card Activation Via SMS?

For SBI ATM card activation via SMS, you must first register your mobile number with the bank. Once 

How to Activate SBI Debit Card Through IVR? 

Another way to activate your SBI debit card is through toll-free numbers provided by the SBI. 

How to Activate SBI Debit Card Using YONO app?

YONO stands for You Only Need One. SBI offers various banking services to its customers such as money transfers, paying bills, ordering credit car, and more through the YONO app. You can also do SBI ATM card activation online using the YONO app. 

Here is the step-by-step guide for SBI debit card activation online using the YONO app.

Before you use it for online payments, use it at the ATM to properly activate the card.

How to Generate SBI Debit Card PIN Using The ATM Machine?

Users can visit their nearest SBI ATM and generate a new PIN for their debit card by following the below steps:


It is mandatory to activate debit cards before using them. SBI has made it easier for its customers to activate their debit cards, whether savings or current, by providing various methods of activation. Follow any one of the above methods and activate your debit card without any hassle. 


The OTP you receive from SBI is valid for only two days. 

You will find the expiration date on the debit card itself.

You must change your ATM PIN once every few months to keep it secure against misuse.

Yes. You can activate your debit card anytime you wish. There is no set time for activating your ATM.

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