Top 12 Best Personal Finance Management Apps in India 2024

 Updated on - 13 June 2024 

Keeping track of your income and expenses can be difficult with busy lifestyles. This is where technology comes to your rescue with a variety of money and finance management apps tailored to your needs. 

There are several apps that will automatically track all of your income and expenses, as well as your investments, and will provide you with financial advice.

We shall learn more about the best Android personal finance management apps in India in 2024 in the following sections.

Top Expense Manager Apps in 2024

If you are searching for the best ‘personal expense tracker app India’, here is a list of the top 12 apps according to us. Scroll through the list and take your pick!

Money Management Apps Founded In Top Features

Moneyview Money Manager


  • Track bank account balances

  • Categorize your payments 

  • Weekly and monthly summaries

  • Bill-paying reminders

  • Track your financial progress

Goodbudget: Budget & Finance


  • Automatic and secure data backup

  • Intelligent payee and category suggestions

  • Match budget period to real-life situation

  • ‘Spending by Envelope Reports’ and ‘Income vs. Spending Reports’

  • Carryover of unused funds to the next month

Money Manager Expense & Budget by Realbyte


  • Double-entry bookkeeping

  • Budget and expense management

  • Credit and debit card management

  • Bookmarking and backup

Monefy - Budget & Expenses App


  • Track multiple currencies

  • Easy backup and exporting features

  • Data protection with passcode

  • Chart-style spending distribution 

  • Create multiple accounts

Expense Manager by Bishinews


  • Organize bills and budget by week, month, and year, as well as by category

  • Payment notifications

  • Currency converter and tip, loan, pay-off, interest, and regular calculator

  • No registration or internet access required

ET Money Mutual Fund & SIP App


  • Available in eight Indian languages

  • Intelligent voice search

  • Free credit rating computation

  • No additional fees for services

  • Apply for loans

Wallet: Budget Expense Tracker


  • Automatic syncing of transactions and intelligent categorization

  • Examine upcoming payments

  • Account sharing options

  • Supports multiple currencies, automatic cloud sync,geo-mapping transactions, debt management, PIN security, etc.

Dhani: UPI, Cards & Bills


  • Apply for personal loans 

  • Instant credit lines

  • Health premium plans

  • Earn money through the referral program

Axio: Expense Tracker & Budget


  • Pay later and personal credit options

  • Monitor daily and monthly expenses

  • Track due bills

  • Payment reminders

Wally Budget App


  • Form groups, split bills, and screenshot receipts
  • Check your spending at any time, and keep track of your monthly and weekly spending 
  • Allows you to screenshot record receipts

Zoho Expense Tracker App


  • Scan spending receipts automatically and deal with audit spending 

  • Organizes multi-level approval procedure

  • Make spend-accounting easier

Mint: Track Expenses & Save


  • Check credit score for free

  • Categorize bank account transactions and track bill payments 

  • Set and track budgeting goals, receive budget-related alerts

Best Personal Finance and Expense Tracker Apps in India

Given below are the best Android finance management apps in India in 2024:

1. Moneyview Money Manager App

Founded in 2014, the Moneyview App reads your transactional messages and provides you with real-time visibility into your finances. This app unearths the hidden financial data that sits idly in SMS logs and makes excellent use of it.

After you give permission, whenever you receive a financial transaction-related SMS, the Moneyview app reads it and updates the reports. As a result, no manual data entry is required.

Key Features of the App:

apply_Personal_Loan apply_persoanl_loan

2. Goodbudget - Budget & Finance App

Goodbudget is a money manager and expense tracker app designed for personal budgeting. 

This personal finance manager app acts as a proactive budget planner, assisting you in staying on top of your budget, bills, and finances. 

Carryover can also sync across devices such as Android, iPhone, and the web, allowing you to share your budget with your budgeting partners. The app aids in keeping everyone on the same page when it comes to household finances.

Key Features of the App:

3. Realbyte - Money Manager Expense & Budget App

The Money Manager Expense & Budget App from Realbyte is a financial planning, expense tracking, and asset management app for iOS and Android devices. It simplifies the management of your finances.

You can use the budget planner and spending tracker to keep track of your personal and business financial transactions, review financial data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, and manage your assets.

Key Features of the App:

4. Monefy - Budget Manager and Expense Tracker App

Tracking daily purchases, bills, and anything else you spend your money on has never been easier or more enjoyable than with the Monefy Money Manager app. It is one of the best money-saving apps for assisting users with better financial management.

Monefy tracks your expenses and compares them to the monthly income and the budget planner. Monefy's money manager app keeps your monthly budget in top shape. 

Key Features of the App:

5. Bishinews Expense Manager App

Expense Manager is a simple, intuitive, stable, and feature-rich money management app. It brings expense tracking to budget management right at your fingertips. 

With no hidden fees or in-app purchases, Bishinews' expense manager app is free to use for all.

Key Features of the App:

6. ET Money Mutual Fund and SIP App

Owned by Times Internet, ET Money is one of the top personal finance apps in India. You can keep track of your expenses and invoices while also investing in a variety of tax-saving schemes.

You can choose from mutual funds, deposit accounts, insurance, and pension schemes. 

Key Features of the App:

7. Wallet - Budget Expense Tracker App

Wallet is yet another market-leading personal finance manager app designed to assist you in better money management. It assists you in planning for future money management by centralizing all your personal finance needs.

With Wallet, you can automatically track your daily expenses by syncing your bank account, and view weekly expense reports. The app also allows you to plan your shopping expenses and share specific features with your loved ones. 

Key Features of the App:

8. Dhani: UPI, Cards & Bills

Dhani is a one-stop shop for all of your financial needs. Dhani wallet allows you to open an instant Demat/trading account, take out personal loans, and manage all of your payments. 

Dhani Zone is yet another exciting area where you can listen to podcasts and audio stories about health and sleep. You can use your Dhani Rupay card to shop at thousands of stores across the country. 

Key Features of the App:

9. axio: Expense Tracker & Budget

Capital Float, Walnut, and Walnut369 came together to become axio, an app that takes care of all your financial needs. 

It offers money management, pay later, and personal credit as well. It is an SMS-based money management app that helps you plan your budget, monitor your expenses, and stay on top of all your bills.

Key Features of the App:

10. Wally Budget App

Using the Wally money manager app for Android, you can control your spending, income, and money. Being one of the best expense manager apps in India, Wally helps you meet your long-term financial goals and accomplish them successfully. This personal finance app makes you learn what, when, and where you are spending.

Wally+ is the exclusive Android app that lets you upload images of your receipts also. As it can handle your daily expenditure, Wally is recognized as one of the best daily expense tracking apps in India.

Key Features

11. Zoho Expense Tracker App

This expense reporting app is made for businesses to deal with their day-to-day spending automatically for reimbursement approvals, report creation, etc. Zoho helps scan receipts automatically and record business expansion. Using the Zoho Expense Tracker app, you can report spending fast and precisely and assess your business expenses accurately.

Key Features

12. Mint: Track Expenses & Save

Our list of money management apps will be incomplete without mentioning Mint, one of the best personal finance apps. This free finance tool supports many lenders and banks. Using this app, you can get help with expense tracking, budgeting, invoices, and credit monitoring.

This free money manager app for Android helps you get rid of worrying about updating credit card and bank account balances. These are automatically updated to let you know your financial backup. Depending on your present financial condition, Mint will give the best money-saving tips and options.

Key Features

A Brief Overview of Personal Finance Management

Structured planning, which consists of three important fundamentals, is the starting point for effective personal finance management.

To begin, create a budget that is committed to adhering to strict rules such as eliminating unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, it is preferable to begin with a financial goal with a clear saving plan.

And, with real-time tracking of where your money is going, you'll always know what's going on and be able to take the right actions at the right time.

Personal Finance Apps

There are numerous money-saving apps available in Google Play and App Store that can assist you in successfully tracking your monthly expenses. These expense manager apps in India will assist you in tracking your monthly expenses such as food orders, cab bookings, mobile recharges, and so on. 

Many mobile expense trackers in India work with these digital payment wallets and integrate your data for proper record-keeping. These budget management apps also assist you in making mutual fund investments or obtaining a loan quickly.


The apps listed above can meet your needs if you're looking for the best expense-tracking app or the best money-management app in India.

Currently, the aforesaid apps are the best money manager apps in India. Monefy and Mint are amazing expense trackers. ET Money provides comprehensive weekly and daily reports. However, if you want one app for all your finance management tasks, Moneyview is the way to go. From tracking expenses, and budgeting to getting an instant personal loan, Moneyview lets you do everything.

Making a quick decision is not always possible. All you have to do is do a little more research on the apps that pique your interest and then make an informed decision. You can also try a few of these apps and then decide which one is best for you.

Visit the Moneyview website or download the Moneyview Money Manager and Instant Personal Loan App today to learn more!

Expense Manager Apps Related FAQs

The best personal finance apps in India for 2024 include Moneyview Money Manager, Goodbudget, Money Manager Expense & Budget by Realbyte, Monefy, and ET Money Mutual Fund & SIP App. They offer a range of features from expense tracking to investment advice.

Yes, many personal finance apps like Mint: Track Expenses & Save and Expense Manager by Bishinews offer free versions with essential budgeting and expense-tracking features.

ET Money Mutual Fund & SIP App is highly regarded for investment tracking, offering real-time updates on mutual funds and other investment portfolios.

Yes, you can. Apps like Monefy - Budget & Expenses App support multiple currencies, making them ideal for users who deal with international transactions.

Yes, apps like Moneyview Money Manager and Axio: Expense Tracker & Budget provide bill payment reminders to help you avoid late fees and manage your cash flow efficiently.

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