Difference Between Diesel Cars and Petrol Cars?

The search for purchasing a car starts with deciding if we want a car running on petrol or diesel. On the surface, it may look like the fuel they use to run on doesn’t matter, but it makes a world of a difference.  

In this article, we explore the differences between petrol cars and diesel cars with the aim to educate you and help you make an informed decision while purchasing a car. 

Diesel Cars vs Petrol Cars: The Differences

While we hear so much about petrol cars and diesel cars, we know so little. The table below tackles the distinctions between a petrol car and a diesel car. 

Parameters Petrol Car Diesel Car


Petrol cars cost less than their diesel counterparts. 

Comparatively, diesel cars are priced high due to their higher efficiency and performance. 

Maintenance Cost

Petrol cars are low maintenance and come with lower service charges. 

Diesel cars are high maintenance and the lack of high-quality diesel in India only adds to the woes of car owners.


Petrol engines require a spark plug to ignite and therefore consume more fuel. Petrol cars have lower mileage. 

A diesel engine uses less fuel as compared to a petrol engine and returns more kilometers per liter of fuel. 

Power Production

Petrol cars use spark plugs and have a lower compression ratio. This in turn leads to lower power production.

Since diesel engines use hot compression to achieve acceleration, they give better power production.  


Petrol engines consume more fuel and are not as efficient as diesel cars. 

Diesel engines consume less fuel and are more efficient. 


Petrol engines ignite using an electric spark which provides better initial acceleration.

Petrol engines wear out quickly and have a lesser life span.

Diesel engines use hot compressed air for ignition and consume less fuel, but are not as responsive as petrol engines.

They, however, have better longevity than petrol engines. 


Petrol engines are more refined and offer a noiseless, vibration-free, and smooth driving experience. 

On the other hand, diesel cars are noisier and harsher.

Vehicle Type

Since petrol engines have higher fuel consumption, they are used in light motor vehicles.

Diesel engines are found in heavy motor vehicles.

Insurance Cost

Petrol cars have lower car insurance premiums.

Diesel cars have complex engine designs and costly components. They also value more than their petrol variants, leading to expensive car insurance

Fuel Rate

Petrol is more expensive than diesel.

Diesel is priced low when compared to petrol.

Diesel Car vs Petrol Car: The Right Choice

Petrol cars and diesel cars are inherently different in what they offer. While diesel engines last longer, petrol cars provide a smoother riding experience. Additionally, petrol cars are inexpensive compared to diesel cars and have affordable spare parts. 

Whereas diesel cars are costly with expensive components and a tricky engine design. However, diesel cars are more efficient and give better mileage, even if they are a little noisier. 

Diesel cars are on the higher side of the price comparatively, so if you are looking for an affordable option, you can always go for a petrol car and enjoy its quiet driving experience as well as its quick response. However, if you can afford to shell out more, you can buy a diesel car and benefit from its longevity.


Every car, irrespective of the fuel it requires, depends heavily on the engine model and the making. Consider your options, requirements, and budget before choosing a car. No matter the car you choose, ensure it is of high quality and checks all the necessary boxes. Research thoroughly before you approach a car dealership and choose the right one. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diesel cars are expensive and high maintenance. They are also noisier.

Petrol engines have low compression ratio and consume more fuel. Moreover, petrol engines erode quickly so they have to be replaced more often than diesel engines. 

Diesel cars give better mileage and performance, all while consuming less fuel.

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