Best Money Management App in India [2024]

It’s Time to Manage Your Money Better!

Not everyone is an expert in finance. Hence, we should invest our money smartly and know where we are using it unnecessarily. If you don’t know where all your monthly income is going or you always need to struggle in financial matters, money management apps are the best answer for you.

Best Money Management and Budgeting App in India

The best money management app can track where your money is going, so you can use it wisely. This time, we have made a list of the best money management apps for Android that not just ease the entire process but also make expenditure tracking simpler than ever.

Let’s have a look at the top 7 money management apps in India!

Money Management Apps Unique Features
1. Money View Money Manager and Instant Personal Loan Reads your financial SMS from billers and banks
2. ET Money Personal Finance App Allows you to explore the best mutual funds for your first-time investment
3. Wallet – Money, Budget, Finance & Expense Tracker Synchronizes transactions automatically and safely
4. Monefy – Budget Manager and Expense Tracker App Lets you save money using its budget tracker
5. Wally Budget App Lets you screenshot record money receipts
6. Zoho Expense Tracker App Handles better audit expenses
7. Mint: Track Expenses & Save Allows free credit score monitoring

Features & Benefits of the 7 Best Money Management Apps in India

There are several money management apps that work as expense managers and help you handle your personal finance and budgeting better. We have made a list of the 7 best money manager apps in India based on some special features and benefits. Let’s have a look!

1. moneyview Money Manager and Instant Personal Loan

moneyview is another great money manager app for Android that allows net balances view. It tracks your spending, budgeting automatically, and getting an instant personal loan. Moreover, it reads your bank balance from SMS or through net banking after OTP authentication. The high-end technology platform of Money View presents a detailed view of your finances without needing you to track your expenditure manually.

Key Features

  • Allows reimbursement categorization and tax saving
  • Shows a list of nearby ATMs
  • Picks financial SMS from billers and banks
  • Provisions mutual fund investments and other savings account schemes
  • Tracks your spending automatically with the expense manager (through SMS)

2. ET Money Personal Finance App

This automated money manager app for Android keeps records of all your spending, accounts, and bills. Along with tracking your expenses, you can get monthly or weekly insights on your expenses and income. Moreover, you can add your investments to ET Money and track the whole portfolio performance using real-time updates.

Key Features

  • Helps you check your credit score
  • Gives various options to borrow easy loans up to 20 lacs
  • Helps in purchasing bike insurance, car insurance, term life insurance, and health insurance
  • Lets you explore the best mutual funds for your first investment
  • Offers rent receipt calculator, SIP calculator, and income tax calculator

3. Wallet – Money, Budget, Finance & Expense Tracker

This industry-best personal finance manager app helps in better money handling. The Wallet is the best money manager app in India to help you plan for your future money handling by fulfilling all your personal finance requirements. Using Wallet, you can track your daily spending automatically by syncing your bank account.

Furthermore, it helps you check weekly reports on your spending, plan your shopping costs and share particular features with others. Being the best money manager app in India, Wallet lets you manage your money at any time and anywhere.

Key Features

  • Shows various budgeting methods
  • Transactions are synchronized safely and automatically
  • Provides simple-to-understand financial overviews and graphs
  • Streamlines bills and keeps records of due payment dates
  • Lets you share selected accounts with others

4. Monefy – Budget Manager and Expense Tracker App

Monefy is an easy-to-use finance tracker and organizer app. You have to add new records whenever you purchase something. Just put the amount you have spent and your record adding is done. Monefy money manager app for Android has made tracking regular purchases fast and enjoyable. It not just tracks your money spending but also helps in better money handling.

Monefy keeps records of your personal expenses and compares them with the budget planner and your monthly income. All in all, this expense tracker app helps you become a budgeting master.

Key Features

  • Helps in saving money with budget tracker
  • Adds new records with a simple-to-use and engaging interface
  • Helps in accessing your expense tracker using handy widgets
  • Keeps you secure with password protection
  • Helps in syncing safely with your DropBox account or Google Drive

5. Wally Budget App

Using the Wally money manager app for Android, you can control your spending, income, and money. Being one of the best expense manager apps in India, Wally helps you meet your long-term financial goals and accomplish them successfully. This personal finance app makes you learn what, when, and where you are spending.

Wally+ is the exclusive Android app that lets you upload images of your receipts also. As it can handle your daily expenditure, Wally is recognized as one of the best daily expense tracking apps in India.

Key Features

  • Enables to form groups and split bills
  • Supports every major currency
  • Helps you check your spending at anytime
  • Helps in keeping a track of your monthly and weekly spending on the go
  • Allows you to screenshot record receipts

6. Zoho Expense Tracker App

This expense reporting app is made for businesses to deal with their day-to-day spending automatically for reimbursement approvals, report creation, etc. Zoho helps scan receipts automatically and record business expansion. Using the Zoho Expense Tracker app, you can report spending fast and precisely and assess your business expenses accurately.

Key Features

  • Enables to reconcile business cards
  • Scans spending receipts automatically
  • Deals with audit spending better
  • Organizes multi-level approval procedure
  • Makes spend accounting easier

7. Mint: Track Expenses & Save

Our list of money management apps will be incomplete without mentioning Mint, one of the best personal finance apps. This free finance tool supports many lenders and banks. Using this app, you can get help with expense tracking, budgeting, invoices, and credit monitoring.

This free money manager app for Android helps you get rid of worrying about updating credit card and bank account balances. These are automatically updated to let you know your financial backup. Depending on your present financial condition, Mint will give the best money-saving tips and options.

Key Features

  • Enables to check credit score for free
  • Categorizes bank account transactions
  • Helps set and track budgeting goals
  • Sends budget-related alerts
  • Helps you track your bill payments and investments


Currently, the aforesaid apps are the best money manager apps in India. Monefy and Mint are amazing expense trackers. ET Money provides comprehensive weekly and daily reports. However, if you want one app for all your finance management tasks, Money View is the way to go. From tracking expenses, budgeting to getting an instant personal loan, Money View lets you do everything.

Visit the Money View website or download the Money View Money Manager and Instant Personal Loan App today to learn more!

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