Does CIBIL Score Affect Passport?

Are you applying for a passport but wondering if your low CIBIL will hinder the application process and its approval? 

In this article, we will look at all the factors that will impact your passport application and the role CIBIL plays. 

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Can My CIBIl Score Affect My Passport Application?

A passport is a right of every Indian citizen. Your credit history and bank balance do not play any role in determining your passport application status. 

Hence, the CIBIL score does not impact your passport application

Factors Affecting Passport Application

While the CIBIL score has no impact on your passport application, below are some factors that can lead to passport rejection -

Application Fees

When you apply for a passport, you will be charged a nominal fee for the application. Make sure you pay the application fee because failure to do so will lead to rejection of your passport application. 


Make sure your signatures on all your paperwork when applying for a passport are identical. Your application might be turned down if your signature does not match across the various documents.


The most important document to submit during passport application is your proof of identity as an Indian citizen. If you can’t prove your citizenship, then the application will be rejected. 

Documents such as a driver’s license, voter ID, Birth certificate, and other similar documents that can prove your identity are important. 

Make a list of the paperwork you'll need to submit with your passport application. Before submitting the documents, go over the checklist to make sure everything is in order. 

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The failure to provide the required documents is the most frequent cause of passport denials.

History Of Criminal Activities

If you have served time in prison, or if your name is under investigation by the police, then your passport application can be rejected.

Additionally, if passport officials believe you are a controversial figure who could damage the image of Indian sovereignty, they have the power to reject your application.  

Incorrect Information

Misinformation results in application rejection. Make sure you check all your details before submitting your application or documents. 

Misprinting your name or other details can cause confusion. Any errors or omissions will cause your application to be rejected.


You must enter your permanent address as well as your temporary address, i.e., where you reside currently in the application to ensure a smooth verification process. 

In case you have only provided a permanent address but live in a different place, then your application will be rejected on the grounds your address could not be verified. 


If you are debt-ridden or have too many credit cards with dues unpaid, your application can be disapproved, since you are seen as a liability.  Make sure you are not deep in debt while applying for a passport.

Police Verification

It is the police that conducts thorough verification of your profile, background, and your address. If they find any discrepancies or the applicant absent at the permanent address during the verification, it will be considered misinformation on your part. 

This will cause passport application rejection.

Does CIBIL Score Affect Passport - FAQs

No. Your CIBIL score will not delay your passport. However, having too many debts may result in your application getting rejected.

Your CIBIL Score will not affect your passport application process.

No. You need not submit a CIBIL report for passport application.

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