How to Check CIBIL Score With Aadhaar Card?

CIBIL score has become one of the most important factors for loan approval. To stay ahead of your finances, you must regularly check your CIBIL score and change your spending habits to improve or maintain your score.

You can check your CIBIL score only through your PAN card, which contains detailed information about all your financial spending.

CIBIL score check by Aadhaar card is not possible currently. You can provide your Aadhaar number as ID proof on the website, but checking CIBIL by solely using an Aadhaar number is not possible.

There are several other ways to check your CIBIL score as well as your CIBIL report. Credit bureaus, for a small fee, provide a detailed credit report that allows borrowers to check their eligibility for a loan and lenders to analyze the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Numerous other websites also offer CIBIL score-checking services for free. 

How to Check CIBIL Score Online?

Even though you can’t check CIBIL score by aadhar card, there are other methods you can employ. 

Method 1: Through CIBIL Website

  • On the official CIBIL website, select 'Get your CIBIL Score

  • If you are already a CIBIL member, click on ‘member login’ and enter your username, password, and OTP, to log in to your CIBIL account.

  • If you are a new user, register on the website by entering your personal details, contact details, DOB, ID type, and ID number, PIN code and create a password for your account.

  • Once you fill in your details, click on 'Accept and continue’.

  • Next, enter the OTP you received via your mobile phone and email address to verify your account.

  • You will be directed to the main dashboard of your CIBIL account where you can check your CIBIL score.

Note that, PAN card, Passport, Voter Card, Driver’s license, and ration card are all accepted as ID proofs.

To get a detailed credit report from CIBIL, you must subscribe to its services by paying a fee. 

Method 2: Online Websites and Mobile Applications

Several online websites and mobile applications provide CIBIL scores for free. Simply register and log in to their website or mobile application to get your CIBIL score in minutes.

Since these websites secure their information from relevant credit bureaus, the information they display is accurate and reliable.

Aadhar card CIBIL score check is not possible even on these websites or applications. They employ PAN cards as proof to provide CIBIL data.


CIBIL scores are vital for loan approval. During this process, an Aadhaar card is not used as an ID to check your credit score.  You can check your CIBIL score by logging into the official CIBIL website or other online providers. You must regularly check your credit score and take necessary measures to maintain a good score, for a better financial future.

Check CIBIL Score by Aadhar Card - Related FAQs

In exchange for access to the credit reports and ratings that CIBIL prepares, CIBIL Members including banks and other governmental organizations monthly send financial information on an individual to CIBIL.

You can’t check your CIBIL score using an Aadhaar card. PAN card is generally used to obtain credit score information.

You must be careful while checking your score on third-party websites as they may misuse your personal information. 

Lenders will conduct a credit check before approving your loan. You do not have to submit a credit report separately.

No, it is not possible to check your CIBIL score using just your Aadhaar number.

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