How To Change Date Of Birth In CIBIL Report?

Credit Information Reports (CIRs) play a large role in the loan application process, so a lower score can adversely affect your approval chances. While poor credit behavior is a major contributor to low credit scores, inaccurate data or errors on CIBIL reports are also common causes. 

In this article, we will explain the types of errors you can spot on your CIBIL report, and give you a step-by-step breakdown to change your date of birth in the report

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How To Change Date Of Birth In CIBIL Report?

Errors in personal information can cause confusion among lenders and have a negative impact on your credit score. Here is how can change your date of birth on your credit report.

Step 1: Buy the CIBIL Report

There are several vendors who provide your CIBIL score for free. However, only your CIBIL report consists of all the details pertaining to your credit accounts, such as repayment history, dates, missed payments, and more.

Hence, purchase the CIBIL report from the official website of the CIBIL bureau.

Step 2: Do A Thorough Check

Check thoroughly for errors, and make a note of all the errors on your report. For example, your date of birth is misprinted on the report.

Step 3: Raise A Dispute

Raise a dispute with CIBIL by following the below steps

  • Visit CIBIL website
  • Log in to myCIBIL 
  • Go to the Credits Report section → dispute center and click on ‘Raise a Dispute
  • Fill out the dispute form and then select the relevant section you want to dispute
  • To dispute the date of birth, you must select “Disputing Data Inaccuracies” 
  • Enter the right information, and submit the dispute

Step 4: Wait For Resolution

Once you submit the dispute form, CIBIL takes up the issue with the relevant bank or institution. The bank or institution can either accept or reject the dispute, depending on its accuracy. 

If the dispute is accepted, CIBIL makes necessary corrections to the report and updates the correct report online.

Types Of Errors In the CIBIL Report

There are several types of errors that can occur in your CIBIL report. 

1. Inaccurate Personal Information

A CIBIL report consists of your personal information such as name, date of birth, contact details, employment history, credit account details, and the inquiries you have made. 

At times, your personal information gets misprinted and this simple change can cause mix up of credit reports,

2. Incorrect Overdue Amount

Repaying the loan in equated monthly installments is important. Additionally, checking your CIBIL report for regular updates on the repayments is equally important. The CIBIL report might contain incorrect information if the lender fails to report your repayments to the CIBIL bureau.

3. Addition Of Unknown Accounts

It is not uncommon to find an unfamiliar account on your CIBIL report. It can be due to an error on the CIBIL bureau’s part or you have fallen victim to identity theft. If you come across accounts on the CIBIL report that don’t belong to you, raise a dispute with CIBIL to correct it.

4. Inexact Number Of Active Accounts

You have paid your dues and successfully closed your loan. However, the CIBIL report still portrays the closed account as active. This happens when the lender misreports your account information to CIBIL.

Contact your lender and place a request to update your account. Once the lender reports accurate information to CIBIL, your CIBIL report will reflect the same.

5. Duplicate Accounts

Every so often you might find a duplicate account of your own credit account on the report. This increases the outstanding loan amount and decreases the CIBIL score. Contact CIBIL and resolve this issue immediately as it will lower your chances of loan approval. 


Your CIBIL report gives a detailed overview of all loans you have taken. It is these components in your CIBIL report that determine your creditworthiness and your loan approval chances. At times, your report might consist of errors that negatively impact your score. 

As a borrower, you must identify the errors and resolve them as soon as possible. It is crucial to do this in order to maintain your good CIBIL score, which can increase your chances of getting a loan or a credit card in the future. 

How To Change Date Of Birth In CIBIL Report? - Related FAQs

CIBIL contacts the relevant institution to rectify the error in your report. It can take up to 30 days to resolve the error and update the information on your report.

To correct your birth date in your report, raise a dispute with CIBIL under “Disputing Data Inaccuracies”, enter the correct date, and submit the dispute form. 

Inaccurate information in the CIBIL report can lead to mix-ups with the lenders, poor credit scores, and eventually reduced chances of loan approvals. 

You can approach the lender to report the right amount to the credit bureaus, or you can directly notify the bureaus about the error and get it resolved. 

Yes. depending on the type of dispute you have raised, the accurate information can increase or decrease your CIBIL score. 

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