7 Ways To Increase Your CIBIL Score From 600 to 750

One common requirment across all lending companies is the need for a good CIBIL score. While some borrowers effortlessly maintain a score of 750 and above, others struggle to move past 600. 

In this article, let’s dive into all the ways you can improve your score from 600 to 750.

How To Increase CIBIL Score From 600 To 750?

CIBIL, one of the major credit bureaus in India, considers several credit parameters to aptly assign each borrowing individual with a credit/CIBIL score. This score is a critical deciding factor in your loan approval process. 

CIBIL score is crucial in today's economy. Although the CIBIL score ranges from 300 to 900, only scores 750 and above are considered creditworthy. Moreover, lenders perceive individuals with higher scores as reliable and offer loans with lower interest rates or on flexible terms.

For this reason, borrowers look to improve their CIBIL scores and better their chances of securing a loan. 

You can improve your CIBIL score from 600 to 750 by following the methods below.

  • Repaying on time
  • Maintaining a good credit history
  • Keeping a low credit utilization ratio
  • Avoiding multiple loans/inquiries
  • Balancing secured & unsecured loans
  • Holding old credit open
  • Checking your credit report often

Let us look at each method in detail.

Repaying on time

Loan repayment is a high-impact parameter. At the end of each cycle, pay off the whole amount due to ensure your credit score doesn’t slip. Don’t make the mistake of paying only the minimum balance due or a part of the EMI, since it negatively affects your score.

Similarly, making timely repayments improves your score significantly, making it easier for you to reach your goal of 750.

Keeping a low credit utilization ratio

The credit utilization ratio stands for the percentage of credit you utilize out of the credit limit set by the lender. The credit utilization must not exceed 30% of the credit limit. The lower your credit utilization ratio, the higher your credit score.

Avoiding multiple loans/inquiries

Multiple loans mean multiple EMIs and less spending freedom for the borrower. It also portrays you as a financially inept individual. Additionally, every time you seek new credit, a hard inquiry is conducted to assess your credit profile. These hard inquiries will cause you to several credit points, leading to low credit scores. 

Hence avoid taking too many loans to keep your credit score stable.

Balancing secured & unsecured loans

To improve your credit score to 750, you must plan your borrowings wisely. A healthy credit mix of secured loans and unsecured loans with varying tenures will give you breathing space while paying off your EMIs, as well as reflect well on your credit profile.

Holding old credit open

A lengthy credit history is an asset for your credit score. It gives credit bureaus enough information about your credit behavior. If you possess old credit cards that you no longer use, keep the cards open. 

When you close old credit, the length of your credit history decreases, and your credit utilization ratio increases.  Your unused credit cards can help you maintain good credit scores with ease.

Maintaining a good credit history

A good credit history leads to a higher credit score, and eventually a loan on your terms. 

In case there are red flags on your credit report, you can work towards building good credit and gradually push the negative remarks out of your credit report. It will take years and financial discipline to free your report from the bad history.

Checking your credit report often

One reason for your low credit score could be the possibility of errors in your credit report. Make it a habit to check your credit report every few months to ensure it is up-to-date and accurate. 

If you find misleading information or missing credit data, raise a CIBIL dispute. Once the error is rectified, you will notice a change in your credit score. 

Importance of Improving Your Score To 750

A CIBIL score of 750 and above benefits you in a lot of ways, including

So how does one go about building and maintaining a good credit score? To answer this in simple terms, we would give you three pretty basic and simple tips to follow, which will allow you to maintain your credit score.

  • Always stay disciplined: This is the most critical criterion. We always suggest that you pay back your credit card bills and your loans as per the specified timings. This helps in maintaining a good score.      

  • Keep a low credit utilization ratio: We would suggest that you never exceed 30% of your total credit card limit. This will go a long way toward creating a healthy credit score. If you are finding it difficult to cut down your costs, it is recommended to avail of a credit card with a higher top limit. This will help in fulfilling this 30 percent criteria.

  • Keep a variety of debt: It is highly advised to keep a combination of secured and unsecured loans. This will keep your CIBIL score up. An example of a secured loan is a home loan, whereas a credit card is an example of an unsecured loan.

Now that you know these secret mantras, you can go out there and maintain a good credit score so that when you are in dire need of a personal loan, Money View can come to your aid quickly.

Well, now that we have talked about how one can maintain a good credit score, we hope you will be able to do the same. In case due to some unforeseen reasons, there might be a dip in your CIBIL score. In such cases, you might need to understand how to increase CIBIL score from 600 to 750 and get back your creditworthiness!

Don’t worry; we have got you covered on that front. Here we have mentioned some speedy and effective ways to raise your credit score above from 600 to 750 instantly. However, while disbursing the personal loans, Money View acts as one of the most desired solutions as it offers loans to individuals with scores as low as 600 or nearby.

  • Repay all the dues

Removing the dues can go a long way in improving your credit scores. One must remember to pay back all the dues in the stipulated time. Any delay in paying your bills, loans, and EMIs can accumulate interest charges, which will degrade your CIBIL score while also increasing your debt.

If you have trouble keeping up with the payment dates, maybe it is time for you to maintain track and set specific reminders to pay the same. Small steps like this will take you a long way and help you realise how to increase CIBIL score from 600 to 750.

  • Regularly checking your credit reports

It is always said that keeping track of your money is the best way to handle money.

Thus make it a habit to track your credit score regularly. There are two significant reasons to do so; it will help you identify the bad credits or dues that play a part in reducing your score.

Secondly, it will give you a report in which you will be able to identify any technical glitch that could have occurred on the bank’s side. This is vital to know and can be rectified promptly if noticed early. This is one of the sure-fire ways when wondering how to increase CIBIL score from 600 to 750.

  • Managing your credit cards

One should be very careful while using credit cards. Credit cards have their importance and can be very powerful if used correctly. Not using your credit card can also adversely affect your credit score.

Similarly, extending the 30 percent limit, as we mentioned earlier, can also reduce your credit score. You should plan as per your requirements and choose your card accordingly.

  • Increasing your credit limit

To counter the 30 percent problem, we suggest you go through the different credit cards provided by your bank and choose one with a higher ceiling as per your requirements. Also, it is advised to pay your bills before you make subsequent payments using your credit card. This ensures that you meet your deadlines on time.

  • Always mention your good credit records

Till now, we have understood that CIBIL is a record of your past credit behavior. Thus it is extremely important that you use the outstanding loans or credits paid off in due time on those sheets.

Thus keep those accounts active in which you have repaid loans. This increases your credibility and improves your trustworthiness in front of the lender. 

  • Do not take multiple loans

Do not take multiple loans unless there is an emergency. It is always advised to pay off one loan before taking another one.

A person taking multiple loans provides the impression of an unreliable person. This will affect your CIBIL score. Thus, one should pay off their loan before taking another one.

  • Try not to apply for multiple loans at the same time

We understand that applying for multiple loans and credits will improve one’s chance of success in getting a loan. But this hurts your credit score and the lender.

Every time you apply for a credit line or a loan, there is a hard inquiry on your loan. This is shown on your credit score for two years. Thus, multiple hard inquiries in such a short period will harm your credit score.

Also, if one of your loan requests gets disapproved after a hard inquiry, it can be catastrophic for your credit score.

  • Try to choose different types of credits

You need to understand that as bad as it is not to pay the credit card bills, not owning a credit card also comes with its problems. A person who has never used any credit will generally have a lower CIBIL score, which will create difficulties in obtaining loans.

Thus it is generally suggested to have a mixed bag of loans in your portfolio ranging from long-term to short-term personal loans. This will help you build up your credit score and help you manage money effectively.

  • Finally, be patient

A credit score is something that one needs to work over a considerable period. Thus do not expect your score to change overnight. Follow these simple and easy tricks to ensure that your credit score remains in the safe region of 700-900. 

Also, these hacks will help your credit score bounce from 600 to 750 within an instant!

Constant monitoring and taking the correct steps at the proper time in paying off debts and credit card bills will work like a charm in raising your credit score.


A higher CIBIL score always works in favor of the borrower. Since CIBIL score is essential while applying for any form of credit, it is the borrower’s responsibility to maintain a credit-worthy score. A disciplined financial life and good credit habits will help you increase your CIBIL score from 600 to 750 gradually.

How To Increase CIBIL Score From 600 To 750 - Related FAQs

It is not possible to increase your credit score to 750 immediately. It takes several months, and sometimes years to get there.

Lenders consider any credit score below 650 as a bad score. However, there are few lenders who extend loans even to individuals with a credit score of 600. These loans come with higher interest rates and more restrictions. 

You can’t raise your CIBIL score by 200 points in just 30 days. You can, however, increase it significantly by following financial discipline and paying your bills on time.

No. Even if you don't use your credit cards, try to keep them active. The credit limit of these cards and their credit usage ratio help you keep your credit score stable. 

A CIBIL score of 750 allows you to be eligible for several loans, from personal to car loans. However, even with a score of 750, you might get rejected by the lender if you fail to meet their requirements. 

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