Does Paytm Postpaid Affect CIBIL Score

Paytm postpaid does affect your CIBIL score just like any other credit product. This means that your credit score will be impacted by Paytm postpaid. Additionally, does non-payment of phone bill affect CIBIL score? Continue reading to find out!

How Does Paytm Postpaid Affect CIBIL Score

Paytm postpaid is just like any other loan agreement between you and the lender. So, yes using paytm postpaid will affect your credit score like taking any other type of credit. 

If you happen to default on this, it will be reported to the credit bureaus and will have a negative impact on your score. Similarly, if you make late payments, you will have to incur late fees like any usual loan. 

Thus, it is important to use this service with caution as you might end up lowering your CIBIL score if you don’t pay off the dues on time. 

What is Paytm Postpaid?

Paytm postpaid is a service rolled out by Paytm for its selected customers. It is a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ facility, or a line of credit that you can utilize at your convenience. You can use it to make both online and offline purchases.

There is some nominal convenience fee, but other than that no interest will be charged if payments are made within 30 days. Missing the due date will incur penalties and further delaying may lead to your account getting blocked. 

Does Non-payment of Phone Bill Affect CIBIL Score

Do you have a postpaid connection and are curious ‘how does non-payment of phone bill affect CIBIL score’?

The straightforward answer is phone bills do not have an impact on your credit history. Utility bills like phone and electricity are not considered while calculating your CIBIL score. 

However, it is advisable to pay all your bills on time so that they don’t pile up. Some utility bills also might require you to pay late fees if you delay payments. Thus, in order to maintain good financial health, consider paying your bills on time even if they don’t impact your CIBIL score. 

How to Maintain a Good CIBIL Score

Having a good CIBIL score can be a great help if you are looking for credit products. But what affects your CIBIL score and how can you improve it?

Here are some tips that can help you to build a good CIBIL score - 


The Paytm postpaid service can impact your CIBIL score, just like any other credit facility. Paying your Paytm postpaid bills on time can contribute to a positive credit history and can improve the CIBIL score. 

Conversely, non-payment or delayed payment of phone bills do not have a negative effect on the CIBIL score. But you should pay them on time nonetheless, so that they don’t pile up. 

By maintaining timely payments and a good credit history, you can improve your chances of accessing credit facilities at favorable terms in the future.

Does Paytm Postpaid Affect CIBIL Score - Related FAQs

Yes, you can convert your Paytm postpaid to monthly EMIs.

If you miss the payment of your Paytm postpaid, you will have to incur some late fees. If you delay it further, your account may be blacklisted. Not paying or delaying payments will also end up having a negative impact on your CIBIL score.

To be eligible for Paytm postpaid, your CIBIL score must be above 700.

If you miss the due date of paying your phone bills, you will have to pay some penalties depending on the operator. If you skip multiple payments at a stretch, your phone number may get disabled by the operator.

No, a postpaid phone bill is a type of utility bill and it doesn’t impact your CIBIL score.

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