Top 10 Credit Cards in India [2024] 

Credit cards are a great financial tool but it is important to choose the right one to make it work for you.

There are credit cards that work well for paying bills online, those that come with travel benefits, and others that are great for finding a good deal online. You may reduce the cost of your transactions by making the appropriate pick.

There are several top credit cards in India therefore finding the right one for you may not be easy.

So we've put together a complete guide to assist you in selecting what we think are the top 10 credit cards in India from various card issuers. 

Best 10 Credit Cards in India

Here are the best credit cards based on top categories -

One of the market's most well-known cashback credit cards is the Axis Bank Ace Credit Card. It offers a fantastic payback percentage in addition to several other intriguing incentives in a variety of areas. 

Axis bank issued its ACE credit card in cooperation with Google Pay and Visa to take advantage of rising popularity in digital transactions. 

With this card, you can pay your energy, water, and gas bills and recharge your phone using the Google Pay Android app. You also earn 4% cash back on rides with Ola and popular food delivery services like Zomato and Swiggy. 

American Express SmartEarn is a credit card that uses reward points. In-store credit card purchases and certain website visits can earn you Membership Reward Points. 

It is a decent American Express card for beginners. If you spend more than Rs. 40,000 a year, you can also waive the yearly membership cost.

This card is something to consider if you're a young professional who wants to carry an American Express card in your wallet for its brand value.

In July 2019, Flipkart and Axis Bank introduced their co-branded card, the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card.

For people who enjoy shopping on Flipkart and Myntra, a card is an excellent choice because it gives 5% cash back on those sites. 

The card delivers fantastic cashback at certain retailers like Swiggy, Uber, PVR, and Curefit and offers money on other purchases. 

In addition to shopping benefits, it provides perks like travel, where you can enjoy complimentary access to domestic lounges as well as discounts on eating, petrol, and much more.

A new international Visa credit card called the Paytm SBI Credit Card Select has been introduced by SBI Card in partnership with Paytm. It is one of the top 10 credit cards in India which offers cash back rewards. 

This card comes with the Paytm First Membership, a feature that is unique to this card. 

Benefits include access to domestic airport lounges, an international priority pass, and a 1% fuel fee waiver at all gasoline stations in India.

Additionally, rewards are also offered on purchases and on spending made both online and offline. 

One of the top credit cards with perks for your lifestyle and travel, this card offers numerous travel and luxury benefits. 

This card offers 2,500 additional Reward Points when you pay the Rs 2,500 yearly fee. 

The HDFC Bank Regalia Credit card offers several benefits in a variety of areas, including travel, eating, and leisure. With all these advantages, it is one of HDFC's most well-known credit cards.

To uphold its promise of luxury and travel perks, it offers you free access to airport lounges inside and outside India. 

The card also has a very low foreign exchange markup, making it the ideal option for international transactions.

The HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card, which offers cashback rewards, is aimed at the millennials or children of the 1990s.

HDFC Bank gives a 5% cash back on purchases made at Amazon, BookMyShow, Flipkart, Myntra, Sony LIV, Swiggy, Tata CLiQ, Uber, and Zomato, as well as a 1% cash back on all other online and offline purchases. 

The cashback is converted into CashPoints, which may then be used to pay for purchases from the HDFC product catalogue, make reservations for flights or hotels, or apply toward the statement balance of the card.

In September 2017, Standard Chartered introduced the Ultimate credit card. Among the bank's top credit cards, this is the most expensive. It ought to be the credit card of choice for those with high incomes who wish to live a luxurious lifestyle without making any sacrifices. 

This card directly competes with the HDFC Bank Infinia Metal Edition credit card and the ICICI Bank Sapphiro credit card. The Visa Infinite and MasterCard World variations of the card were once available; the former has since been withdrawn. 

Because it's a premium card, Standard Chartered provides some of the most unique privileges to its users, including membership to Dreamfolks, golf services, and 24x7 concierge service.

In September 2019, Axis Bank introduced the Magnus credit card, which is issued in the MasterCard and Visa credit card networks. It is a super-premium card that the bank has created with high-income people in mind who desire the opportunity to live a lavish lifestyle.

The card offers all the amenities one would anticipate from a high-end credit card, including dining and travel privileges as well as medical and insurance coverage.

Additionally, the card has no fees associated with cash withdrawals. Although the card's annual charge is rather hefty at Rs. 10,000, you may avoid it by spending at least 15 lakh in the year.

The bank's most upscale product is said to be the Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Card. For regular flyers who desire a top-notch travel experience, out of the top credit cards in India this card should be their first pick because it comes with a free business class ticket as a welcome bonus.

With this credit card, you also receive Club Vistara Gold membership, which entitles you to more air miles as well as a host of other advantages, like priority boarding, check-in, and baggage allowance on Air Vistara flights.

Being a premium credit card, it includes exclusive benefits offered only by Axis Bank, such as round-the-clock concierge service and free rounds of golf at some of India's most elite golf resorts.

The PVR Kotak Platinum Credit Card from Kotak Bank is intended for frequent moviegoers and seeks to give them the greatest viewing experience possible.

It has no joining costs and provides tremendous savings opportunities. If your monthly payment cycle totals at least Rs. 10,000, you'll receive two complimentary PVR movie tickets.

These movie tickets are redeemable on any day, at any time, and for any performance. Additionally, this card offers a 15% reward on food and beverages at PVR as well as a 5% cashback on PVR movie tickets.

Along with these cinematic perks, the card also offers insurance benefits in case it is lost, shielding you from fraud.

A More Detailed Study for the Top 10 Credit Cards

The following table contains more relevant information on the top 10 credit cards list that we have compiled.  

Sl no. 

Name of the Credit Card 

Annual Fee

Joining Fee 

Key Feature 

Best Suited For 

Axis Bank ACE Credit Card

Rs. 499

Rs. 499

  • On DTH and mobile recharges, a special cashback of 5% is offered.

  • Offers 2% cashback on food orders placed through Zomato and Ola reservations.

Bill Payments

American Express SmartEarn Credit Card

Rs. 495

Rs. 495

Reward point

Online Purchases

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card

Rs. 500

Rs. 500

Discounts, cashback

Online, Offline Shopping

Paytm SBI Credit Card Select

Rs 1,499 

Rs 1,499 

Get 5% Cashback on Paytm Mall, Movies, and Travel

Entertainment, Travel, and Shopping

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card

Rs. 2,500

Rs. 2,500

Complimentary domestic and international lounge access

Shopping & Travel

HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card

Rs. 1,000

Rs. 1,000

5% cashback on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Uber, and Zomato

Cashback and Online Shopping

Standard Chartered Ultimate Credit Card

Rs. 5,000

Rs. 5,000

5% reward on duty-free purchases and a negligible 2% foreign exchange markup cost

Travel and Shopping

Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

Rs. 10,000

Rs. 10,000 

Reward Points 

Travel and Shopping

Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card



With the Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card, you may enter lounges at a few Indian airports for free.


PVR Kotak Platinum Credit Card

Rs. 999


  • 15% cashback on food and drinks at PVR

  • PVR box offices provide 5% cashback on movie ticket sales.



These are just some of the top 10 credit cards in India. Keep in mind that no single credit card offers all the benefits you desire.

Each of the top credit cards in India is different and has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Additionally, you can compare these top 10 credit cards in India to each other. 

You must confirm that the credit card has good or exceptional credit score criteria as a new cardholder. Credit ratings provide insight into a person's chances of being able to pay back their obligations.

Customers with exceptionally good credit scores who don't need any additional protections can use a card with outstanding credit score criteria.

Top 10 Credit Cards in India Related FAQs

A credit card is a financial product provided by banks with a pre-determined credit limit that enables you to conduct purchases without using cash. Depending on the credit score, credit history, and salary, the card provider decides how much credit you are allowed to use.

No, there are several credit cards available from various banks that give several perks for a little yearly and initiation charge. The HDFC Bank Moneyback Credit Card is one example of a credit card.

You are allowed a set amount of complimentary lounge visits with your credit card. However, if you use the lounge in domestic or international airports more than the permitted number of times, you will be charged.

For the majority of credit cards, the cost is often the same. It is encouraged that before using the card, you examine the terms and conditions for domestic and foreign lounge access.

You can use the bank's website to redeem the reward points that have accrued on your card for rewards. Through the agreements the bank has with other firms, the reward points may be redeemed for a variety of goods and services in several categories.

Once you use the credit card, you will instantly receive benefits like meal discounts and tickets. The conditions and limitations of the advantages provided with your card, however, must be understood.

The top 5 credit cards in India are: 

1. HDFC Millennia Credit Card

2. Axis Ace Credit Card

3. Amex MRCC

4. Axis Flipkart Credit Card

5. ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card

Travel credit cards are offered by many banks in India with benefits like free access to airport lounges, air tickets, rewards, and air miles.

The top 5 credit cards in India for travel are Citi PremierMiles Credit Card, HDFC InterMiles Signature Credit Card, Air India SBI Signature Credit, Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card and RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card.

This option of breaking up an expensive purchase into manageable monthly instalments or EMIs and adding interest is offered by some corporations (but not all credit cards). On a monthly lowering balance, EMIs are computed at an interest rate of 1.0%, 1.08%, 1.25%, 1.5%, or 2% (variable from case to case).

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