Best Debit Cards in India

Debit cards are one of the most preferred modes of cashless transactions. 

In India, several banks provide debit cards to customers with enticing offers and attractive cashback. Here are the best debit cards available in India. 

Several banks have gained the trust of customers. However, there are only a few that have given us high-quality services and products that truly stand out from the rest. 

In this article, we will discuss the best debit cards that have enticed us with their features, offers, discounts, and more.

SBI Debit Card

SBI is a financial powerhouse and offers a myriad of services to its customers. Be it international shopping or priority ticketing at the Mumbai metro, SBI has a debit card for everything. 

SBI offers discounts, cash-back offers, and more on domestic flight booking, hotel accommodation, online shopping, and reward points for shopping. 

Additionally, SBI collaborated with Visa and MasterCard to secure payments across all online transactions.

Best SBI Debit Card: SBI Gold International Debit Card

Features & Benefits of SBI Gold International Debit Card

HDFC Debit Card

HDFC holds a reputation for being India’s leading private-sector bank, and rightfully so. It offers several debit cards catering to the needs of every customer. 

Here are some of the debit cards HDFC offers:

You can choose the type of debit card you want based on your requirements. 

Besides cashback offers, reward points, and discounts, HDFC also offers intermiles accumulation that can be redeemed for free flights, accidental death insurance coverage, card security, fuel savings, zero liability on lost debit cards, and a locker facility, to name a few features.

Best HDFC Debit Card: RuPay Premium Debit Card

Features & Benefits of HDFC Debit Card

ICICI Debit Card

ICICI specializes in providing a wide range of financial products and services in investment banking, life insurance, corporate and personal banking, asset management, and more.

To make debit transactions easier, ICICI has various debit cards at our disposal, such as:

Each type of debit card serves a unique purpose and fulfills a specific requirement of the customer. While expression debit cards allow you to customize the card to your liking, the unifare debit card is multifunctional as an ATM card, debit card, and metro card. 

ICICI debit cards can help you taste privilege by providing access to lounges in airports, providing joining benefits, etc, besides the usual rewards and discounts.

Best ICICI Debit Card: ICICI Bank Platinum Debit Card

Features & Benefits Of ICICI Debit Card

Kotak Bank Debit Card

Even though it is a flagship company of the Kotak group, it has made a mark in the world of Indian banking by providing complete financial products for infinite individual and corporate needs. 

Through its various debit cards, Kotak bank covers a comprehensive range of services. 

Here are some of the debit cards Kotak bank offers:

Kotak debit cards provide exclusive offers to their users. From high insurance coverage and fuel surcharge waivers to complimentary airport lounge access and special offers for NRIs, Kotak debit cards have no limit when it comes to showering users with offers. 

Best Kotak Debit Card: Privy League Platinum Debit Card

Features & Benefits Kotak Debit Card

Axis Bank Debit Card

Axis debit cards are quick in action, contactless, and highly secure. They are also customized to your daily withdrawal and financial needs. Top cards from Axis bank include -

Axis debit cards provide higher transaction limits on withdrawals as well as purchases. The exclusive benefits on transactions, airport lounge access, and accidental health insurance coverage also made Axis debit cards some of the most sought-after debit cards.

Best Axis Bank Debit Card: Online Rewards Debit Card

Features & Benefits Axis Bank Debit Card

IndusInd Debit Card

IndusInd debit cards allow national and international transactions in less than a minute. 

You can also enable or disable any feature of the card as per your requirement, making it one of the most hassle-free debit cards out there. IndusInd offers the following debit cards:

The IndusInd bank allows customers to compare debit cards giving us the freedom to choose the right solution for all our requirements. 

Additionally, IndusInd debit cards also provide benefits including cashback, reward points, movie tickets, airport lounge access, etc. 

Best IndusInd Debit Card: Pioneer World Debit Card

Features & Benefits IndusInd Debit Card


There are hundreds of debit cards available in the market, each catering to a different requirement. Some are designed to address traveling hassle, while others exclusively cater to rewards and discounts. 

Banks are collaborating with third parties such as VISA, metro, etc to introduce hassle-free and secure transactional gateways accessible globally. Understand your needs and choose a debit card that suits you. 

Best Debit Cards in India - FAQs

Yes. Go to the bank’s website or their mobile banking app. Apply for the debit card and you will receive a debit card within the specified time. 

Yes. Several banks in India, including ICICI bank, HDFC bank, Axis bank, Bank Of Baroda, etc, offer prepaid debit cards. These cards are not linked to any bank account and can be used to make any transaction.

When you open a savings account, most banks provide you with a debit card. However, if you want to issue a specific type of debit card, you must pay an issuance fee. 

Similarly, if you lose your debit card and want your bank to replace it, you must pay an issuance fee. Finally, banks typically charge an annual fee for debit card maintenance.

Yes. Using debit card details, you can easily make purchases on local, national, and international websites based on your debit card. 

Post their expiration date, debit cards become non-functional. You must approach your bank and request a new debit card. 


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