What is Virtual Debit Card

Almost everyone has debit cards and uses UPI payment methods. But did you know that banks now have something called the virtual debit card? 

What Does a Virtual Debit Card Mean

If you are searching for ‘virtual debit card meaning’, you are at the right place. A virtual debit card is an electronic debit card, which you can keep in your phone digitally instead of the physical wallet. 

It can be used for all kinds of payments, just like a physical debit card. 

Not only is it completely secure, virtual debit cards are even more convenient than regular debit cards. 

Types of Virtual Debit Card

There are two types of virtual debit cards largely based on the number of times they can be used. What kind of debit card you can get completely depends on your bank. 

1. The Single Use Virtual Debit Card

This type of virtual debit card, as the name suggests, can be used only once. 

2. The Multiple Use Virtual Debit Card

This debit card is a virtual version of your physical card. Features include -

How to Get Virtual Debit Cards

The steps to getting a virtual debit card are quite simple. These are-

  1. Download your bank’s mobile app and login using your credentials.

  2. Go to the ‘Cards’ section, and choose ‘Virtual Debit Cards’.

  3. Click on ‘Register New Virtual Debit Card’.

  4. Select the account number with which you want to use the card.

  5. Choose the type of card you want. Most banks have multiple cards with a variety of offers.

  6. Select the card validity date and month if your bank allows it.

  7. Click on the confirmation box.

  8. Finally, enter the transaction PIN to generate your virtual debit card.

Please note that there may be variations in the steps above based on your bank.

Benefits of a Virtual Debit Card

There are many benefits of using a virtual debit card. Take a look at a few of them-


A virtual debit card can be a single or multiple use card. As you can see, there are multiple benefits of using a virtual debit card. Apart from them being safe, they are hassle-free and are on-the-go with you. 

Get in touch with your bank to know more about the virtual debit cards that your bank offers!

Virtual Debit Card - Related FAQs

Virtual debit cards can be used everywhere that accepts a physical debit card. They can be used for both online and offline transactions.

Virtual debit cards work exactly like their physical counterparts. You have a secret PIN and an OTP to authenticate your payment. The only difference is that the card exists entirely on your phone.

Unfortunately, you cannot use a virtual debit card without a smartphone. You will need to install your bank’s app to be able to access the virtual debit card issued by your bank. 

Any account holder at a bank that issues virtual debit cards is eligible to get a virtual debit card. It includes savings, current, overdraft, or joint accounts. 

Currently banks don’t charge anything for issuing virtual debit cards, and the service is entirely free. Only if you want to turn your card into a physical card, you will have to pay charges.

Yes, just like a traditional debit card, a virtual debit card also has a CVV. It also has a PIN and an expiry date. 


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