How to Apply for a Debit Card Online?

Debit cards have become extremely important for all kinds of transactional purposes, from cash withdrawals to online shopping. Do you also want to apply for a debit card and have questions such as ‘can i apply for debit card online’?

If so, this article will tell you all about how to get a debit card online.

How to Get a Debit Card Online?

Whenever you open a new bank account, you can choose to get a debit card or not. In most cases, you will receive your debit card in the welcome kit along with your passbook and cheque book. 

But in case you are searching for ‘how to apply debit card online’, here is how you can do it -

STEP I: Visit your bank’s official website and login using your credentials.

STEP II: Go to the ‘Personal’ → ‘Cards’ → ‘Debit Cards’ section.

STEP III: Choose the kind of card that is most suitable for you. Most banks offer a variety of cards with different withdrawal limits and offers.

STEP IV: Fill in the form and finally submit the request.

STEP V: You will have to wait for a few days to receive your card. You can even choose if you want your card delivered at your doorstep or at your bank branch.

Virtual Debit Card

Are you tired of waiting for your physical debit card to arrive and want to make a purchase urgently? You can avail the virtual debit card service offered by your bank. Here is how to access it-

STEP I: Visit your bank’s official website or download the bank’s app.

STEP II: Go to ‘Cards’ → ‘Virtual Debit Cards’ → ‘Register New Virtual Debit Card’.

STEP III: Select your account number and type of card according to your requirement.

STEP IV: Confirm or submit your request. 

STEP V: Enter your transaction PIN to generate your virtual debit card and start using it.

Why Should I Apply for a Debit Card?

Debit cards are incredibly advantageous. You can use this card to pay for a variety of products and services such as -

As you can see a debit card is a multifunctional card which helps you to go cashless and make contactless payments. It can also help you to keep a track of all your spendings and take charge of your finances.


Debit cards are immensely helpful in a world that is going cashless. They are directly connected to your bank account, and the transactions happen in real time. Debit cards are extremely secure and convenient to use as well.

How to Apply for Debit Card Online - FAQs

In most cases, you should receive your debit card within 3-7 days, but it will depend on your bank and your address. For more details, you can contact your bank branch.

To apply for a debit card offline, visit your nearest bank branch and ask for a debit card application form. Submit the form after filling it up, and you will receive your card within a few days. 

Making online or offline transactions using a debit card is free of cost. However, you do need to pay yearly charges for the maintenance of your card. 

Apart from this, if you are using your debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM, you have to incur charges after a certain number of withdrawals, as per your bank.

Debit cards are extremely safe and convenient to use. You always need to input your secret 4-digit PIN to be able to complete an offline transaction. And an online transaction cannot be completed until you enter the OTP that you receive in your registered mobile number. 

You can have as many debit cards as you want from the same or multiple banks. But you cannot use two debit cards from the same account simultaneously unless the type of card is different. 


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