How to Check Debit Card Balance Online

There was a time when you had to go to your bank and stand in line for hours to check your account balance. That is not the case anymore.

In this article, we will discuss how to check debit card balance (same as your account balance) online.

Check Debit Card Balance Online

There are multiple ways to check debit card balance online. These include -

Internet Banking

When you open a bank account, you have the option to activate net banking for the account. Through this service, you can check your debit card balance.

To check debit card balance online through net banking, follow these steps:

Mobile Banking

To access banking services, you must have your mobile number registered with the bank. The mobile number must be active to send or receive messages. 

Here’s how to check debit card balance online through mobile banking:


UPIs merge several banking services into one application. They also made it possible to maintain several bank accounts in one place. To check your balance through UPI -


Using your debit card, you can check your balance easily by visiting the nearest ATM. Follow the steps below -


One of the quickest ways to check debit card balance is through SMS. If you don’t have enough network or sufficient net balance, you can simply send an SMS to your respective bank. This is especially useful for those who do not carry a smartphone.

To avail this service, you have to register your active mobile number with the bank and agree to receive alert messages about your bank. Every time you make a transaction, you will be notified of the amount you spent and the remaining balance in your account. 

Each bank also has a specific code for the ‘check your balance’ service. All you have to do is send the SMS in the given format to the designated bank code/number. Once you send the SMS, you will receive a message about your remaining balance.

Missed Call Facility

Banks also provide a missed call facility to check debit card balance. Simply give a missed call through your registered mobile number to the number provided by the bank. You will receive your bank balance through SMS.


With emerging technology and surprising advancements in banking and financial operations, banks have introduced several ways for their customers to check their debit card balances without going to the bank.

The banking industry has made it possible to check your debit card balance from anywhere anytime in a matter of seconds. Whether it is online or offline, the process of checking your balance has become effortless. Now that you know how to check debit card balance online, you can conveniently create your monthly budget plans and be more mindful of your expenses by simply keeping a tab on your balance. 

Check Debit Card Balance Online - FAQs

No. Account balance includes all the money in your account such as fixed deposits, recurring deposits, pending transactions, etc. The available balance is the amount you can spend which is also your debit card balance (if it is linked to the same account). 

You can use the SMS facility, ATM, net banking services, missed call facility, or even UPI to check your balance.

Yes. Banks do provide virtual debit cards. You can use these virtual cards to pay for your transactions.

You can wait until the issue is resolved at your bank to check the balance. In case of emergency, you can use any one of the other methods mentioned in the above article.

Each bank has a different number. You can go to the website of your respective bank where they list the numbers their customers can contact for availing any banking service.


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