How to Reset UPI PIN Without Debit Card?

Setting up a UPI (Unified Payments Interface) PIN without a debit card in third-party UPI apps is a common concern among Indian users. 

We'll walk you through the process - how to reset UPI PIN without a debit card and provide answers to your queries about why you might need it in the first place. 

Reset UPI PIN Without Debit Card? 

Now, let's explore the step-by-step process of resetting a UPI PIN without a debit card in the UPI apps. 

We must tell you that the basic processes are mostly the same, although some individual steps may vary from app to app. 

1. Download and Install the UPI App

If you haven't already, download your desired UPI app from your app store (Play Store in case of Android users and Apple App Store in case of iPhone users). 

Install and open the app. 

2. Register or Log In

If you're a new user, complete the registration process by verifying your mobile number and the subsequent OTP that will be sent to your phone.  

Existing users can simply log in. 

Once you have logged in successfully, you might need to give the app permissions regarding usage of your phone book contacts, your SMS, recording and accessing your voice, and your location data. 

3. Set Up Your Profile

Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your profile by adding the necessary information. 

4. Link Your Bank Account

In the app, go to the 'My Money' or ‘My Payments’ or ‘Payment Methods’ section within your ‘Profile’ icon. 

Select 'Bank Accounts' and tap on 'Add New Bank Account.' 

Choose your bank from the list and follow the steps to link your bank account. 

Pro Tip: It will be swift and without further hassle if your bank account is linked to your mobile phone number that has been used to set up the UPI app. 

5. Create a UPI ID

Once your bank account is linked, you'll receive an auto-generated UPI ID from the UPI app. 

This ID is also known as a VPA (Virtual Payments Address) and it will be used for transactions. 

6. Verify Your Mobile Number:

The UPI app might send an SMS from your registered mobile number for verification. 

7. Set Up UPI PIN Without Debit Card:

Now, let's set up your UPI PIN without a debit card. 

8. Secure Your UPI PIN

To secure your UPI PIN and prevent it from being misused, follow these steps. 

Why Set Up a UPI PIN Without a Debit Card? 

Before diving into the steps, it's essential to understand the reasons why you might opt to reset your UPI PIN without a debit card. 

There could be multiple possible reasons.  

1. Lost or Inactive Debit Card 

If your debit card is misplaced or not active, you can still enjoy the benefits of UPI transactions. 

2. Enhanced Security 

Some users prefer not to link their debit cards to reduce the risk of unauthorized transactions. 

3. Digital-Only Banking 

As India's digital banking ecosystem evolves, more users are embracing digital-only banking and may not have a physical debit card. 

4. Absence or Unavailability of a Debit Card 

Although the NPCI has made UPI largely available throughout the length and breadth of India, ATMs have still not reached the desired penetration level in tier-2 and tier-3 cities and villages. 

In these places, people still access UPI transactions with the help of QR codes and VPAs for online and peer-to-peer transactions and with the help of PoS counters.  

5. Compromised UPI PIN 

If you have already set up a UPI PIN, but you feel that it is compromised, then you need to RESET the UPI PIN.  


To reset your UPI PIN without a debit card, you must go to the payment methods section of your UPI app, select UPI, select Aadhar-based authentication, verify using OTPs sent from your bank and UIDAI, then reset your UPI PIN, and confirm it.  

Yes, you can generate your UPI PIN without a debit card. 

You must opt for Aadhar-based authentication and UPI PIN generation within your UPI app. 

Yes, you can use GPay, too, if you don’t have a debit card or have lost yours. 

You simply need to link your bank account to the GPay app and use Aadhaar-based authentication to set up your UPI PIN. 

You can use your digital wallet or e-wallet that is linked to your bank account and securely stores your account information or debit/credit card information and ensures seamless online transactions without the need for a physical card. 

If you are the legitimate owner of your debit card, you simply need to contact your bank, call customer service, verify your identity, and provide them with the necessary information about your bank account. 

They will help you with the debit card number of your respective bank account.  

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