What is the Account Number on Debit Card

If you are confused between the card number in debit card and your account number, read ahead for all information related to it. 

A debit card, also known as an ATM card, saves you from the hassle of carrying currency in various denominations. There is quite a lot of information printed on the card.

Contrary to popular belief, the number on your debit card is NOT your account number. The 16-digit number printed prominently on your card is the ‘debit card number’. 

What is the Card Number in a Debit Card?

Have you ever wondered what the 16-digits printed on your card mean? The digits printed prominently on the front of your card are unique and referred to as the Debit Card Number.

The number can be divided into three parts to explain what they depict - 

The first 6 digits of your debit card number is the Issuer Identification Number. It tells which company has issued the debit card. 

Out of these, the first digit tells the industry to which the card belongs, eg. airlines, banking and finance, petroleum, etc.

These digits are linked to your bank account, but are not your bank account number. 

They are unique and only the issuer is aware of the connection to the bank and bank account.

The 16th or the last digit of the card number is known as the Check Digit. It can reveal whether a debit card is valid or not.

Other than the card number in debit card, there is other information available on the card as well. The expiry date of the card, the card holder’s name, the CVV (Card Verification Value), the bank name, etc are all mentioned on the card as well.


If you are searching for ‘how to find account number on debit card’, there is no way to do that. A debit card can only give you information about which bank or which company has issued you the card, its expiry date, the holder’s name, etc.

The card number printed on your debit card does not reveal your bank account number in any way.

Card Number on Debit Card - FAQs

The bank account number is not on the debit card. Your debit card has a 16 digit number printed on its front side which is the debit card number. Please note that this is not your bank account number. 

Your debit card number does not reveal your bank account number in any way.

The debit card number is a unique number issued by the card manufacturer that links the card to your bank account.

No, you don’t need to mention your bank account number while making transactions using your debit card.

If you trust a website and make frequent purchases from there, you can save your card details there. This way you won’t have to enter your card number and your name each time. 

It is predominantly safe as no website has the authority to save your CVV, and transactions cannot be made without the CVV and the OTP.


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