How to Unblock ATM Card?

Did you block your ATM card and don’t know how to unblock it? In this article, we have provided all the methods you can use to unblock your ATM card without any hassle! 

There are several instances where your ATM card gets blocked. Here is how to unblock ATM card!

1. Automatic Unblocking

When you repeatedly enter the wrong password thrice, your ATM card gets blocked. In such cases, simply wait for 24 hours and your card will be unblocked automatically.

2. SMS Banking

The banks have a unique toll-free number assigned to address a specific issue. If you want to unblock your ATM card, simply send an SMS to that specific number in the prescribed format. 

You can find the number and the SMS format on your bank’s website. 

3. Online

Some banks provide the option to unblock your ATM card online. You can login to your net banking account or mobile banking app and unblock your card. 

However, make sure you have activated this service beforehand in case of emergencies.

4. Submit An Application To the Bank

You may have blocked the card willingly when you have realised you misplaced or lost it. However, you found the card later and need to use it. 

You can directly approach your bank or its branch and submit a written application, requesting an automatic unblock of the ATM card. To verify your identity as the card’s user, you must submit ID and address proof. 

Once these details are verified, the bank will unblock your card. 

5. New ATM Card From The Bank

If there is a security issue at the bank, then it may block your ATM card to protect your money and details. In such cases, the bank will issue a new card to its customers, free of cost. 

If you find your ATM card blocked without your intervention, approach the bank to understand what has transpired and use other payment or transaction methods while your bank issues you a new debit card.

6. Expired ATM card

Every ATM card has an expiry date. Once the date passes, the card gets  blocked automatically and rendered useless to the user. 

To get a working ATM card, take your expired card to your bank branch and exchange it. 

How to Block Your ATM Card?

Now that you know how to do debit card unblock, let us look at how you can block your ATM card intentionally in case the card goes missing or gets stolen. 

Customer Care

Banks provide a toll-free number for customers to address their issues. Most ATM cards have this number printed on the back of the card. Save this number and when you find your card missing, call the number, prove your identity, and block the card.

You can also find this number on the bank’s website. To block the card, keep the card number, CVV, and other necessary information handy.

Bank Branch

Visit your nearest bank branch and request for an ATM card block. For this, you need the card number, account number, and your identity proof as the account holder. 

Net Banking

On the official website of the bank, login to your net banking account using your credentials. You will find the option to block your ATM card where the information regarding your cards is presented. Follow the instructions given and promptly block your card. 

Mobile Banking 

Every bank has a mobile banking app. This app enables the customers to perform several banking activities from their mobile device. 

Some banks also provide the option to block an ATM card. Install the app, and block your card, if your bank permits it. 


No matter how your ATM card gets blacked, there is a way to unblock it. As a user, always be aware of your ATM cards and if you suspect it missing, block the card to prevent any fraudulent activities. You can simply follow any one of the methods mentioned above to unblock it later.

How to Unblock ATM Card? - FAQs

Yes. Some banks provide this service. You can use net banking or mobile banking and follow the process to unblock your card. 

Yes. it is possible to unblock your HDFC ATM card by phone.

No. To draw money or make transactions with your ATM card, you must first unblock it. 

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