Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana List (PMAY List)

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna is a government scheme launched by the government of India in 2015 to provide housing for all by 2022. The scheme is divided into two parts –

The PMAY list is a component of the PMAY scheme that contains the name of those applicants who have been selected to enjoy the benefits of this government scheme. The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana list for 2021 has already been published which contains the name of the applicants selected for the year 2021 - 22 year.

News About Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Update

Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) has finished constructing 76 houses on the land that was previously occupied by mafia-turned-politician Atiq Ahamad. Out of 6030 applicants, only 1595 were found eligible. PDA will distribute these houses through a lottery-based system to eligible applicants under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana(PMAY), on June 9.

13 June 2023

PMAY Urban List 2023

The PMAY Urban list contains the names of the beneficiaries considered under PMAY-U.

Key Facts About PMAY Urban -

  • PMAY-U is responsible for providing affordable housing in Urban India.
  • This urban section of PMAY is operated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs.
  • It has covered the towns mentioned in the census of 2011 for creating the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana list 2020 and 2021.

How to Check the PMGY Urban List 2023

To check your name under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Urban list, follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Visit the official website of PMAY (
  • Click on the ‘Search Beneficiary’ tab.
  • After clicking the ‘Search Beneficiary’ tab, you will see a drop-down menu with ‘Search by name’ box.
  • Enter your Aadhaar No and click on ‘Search’
  • Now access the PMAY -Urban list

Progress of PMAY Urban

Here is a list of overall progress made by Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Urban till 2022:-

  • House sanctioned - 112.52 lakh
  • Houses Grounded - 80.2 lakh
  • Houses completed - 48.02 lakh
  • Central assistance committed - 1.81 lakh Cr.
  • Central assistance released - 95,777 Cr.

  • Total investment - 7.35 lakh Cr.

PMAY Gramin List 2023

The PMAY Gramin or Rural list contains the names of the beneficiaries selected under PMAY-G in various rural areas in India.

Key Facts About PMAY Gramin -

  • PMAY-G is responsible for developing affordable housing in rural India. It is operated by the Ministry of Rural Development.
  • One of the major objectives of this scheme is to provide pucca houses to the homeless and needy ones.
  • Apart from developing affordable houses, PMAY-G also focuses on providing piped drinking water, LPS, electricity and other basic amenities in rural areas.

How to Check PMAY Gramin list 2023

You can check your name in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana –Gramin list in two ways –

  • With your registration no
  • Without registration no.

How to Check Your Name in the PMAY Rural List with a Registration Number

If you are checking your name using the registration number, follow the below mentioned steps-

  • Visit
  • Enter your Registration Number
  • Then click on ‘Submit’

Now, If the registration you entered is present in the beneficiary database, you will be able to see all required details.

How to Check Your Name in the PMAY Rural List without a Registration Number

To access your details in the PMAY Gramin List without a registration number, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • Click on the ‘Advanced Search’ button on the newly opened page.
  • Fill in the following details in the PMAY form –
  • State
  • District
  • Block
  • Panchayat
  • Scheme Name
  • Financial Year
  • After entering the above mentioned details, you can seach by
  • Name
  • BPL number
  • Sanction Order No.
  • Account No
  • Husband/ Father name
  • Choose one of the above mentioned search category
  • And click on the ‘Search’ button.
  • Now, the PMAY list will be shown from where you can access all relevant details provided your application is considered and you are enlisted as one of the beneficiaries.

    Progress of PMAY Gramin

    Here is a list of overall progress made by Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana gramin including phase I and II.

  • House sanctioned - 1, 93, 98,040 Cr.
  • Houses completed - 1,40,27,995 Cr
  • Total fund transferred -1, 99, 571.38 Cr.
  • Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana 2021 –

    You would be able to enjoy the following benefits if you qualify as beneficiary under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana –

    • Get financial assistance under the scheme to purchase or construct a house at an affordable price.
    • Beneficiaries can avail subsidy up to 6.5% on their home loan interest up to 15 years.
    • The scheme should be able to cover a large portion of economically weaker sections of India by 2022, and provide them affordable housing.

How to Check Your Name in PMAY New List 2023

If you have applied as beneficiary under this scheme, you can check whether your application is considered or not by following this steps :–

  • Visit the PMAY website (
  • Click on the ‘search beneficiary’ button
  • Now click on ‘search by name’
  • Enter your Aadhaar No
  • And check your name

Below find the new state wise PMAY list of houses - sanctioned under PMAY scheme & % of houses completed under the scheme.

State Houses Sanctioned Under PMAY Houses completed/Sanctioned under PMAY
Andhra Pradesh 20,05,932 16%
Uttar Pradesh 15,73,029 27%
Maharashtra 11,72,935 23%
Madhya Pradesh 7,84,215 40%
Tamil Nadu 7,67,664 38%
Karnataka 6,51,203 25%
Gujarat 6,43,192 58%
West Bengal 4,09,679 46%
Bihar 3,12,544 21%
Haryana 2,67,333 8%
Chhattisgarh 2,54,769 31%
Telangana 2,16,346 45%
Rajasthan 2,00,000 38%
Jharkhand 1,98,226 38%
Odisha 1,53,771 44%
Kerala 1,29,297 55%
Assam 1,17,410 15%
Punjab 90505 25%
Tripura 82034 50%
Jammu 54600 12%
Manipur 42825 9%
Uttarakhand 39652 33%
Nagaland 32001 13%
Mizoram 30340 10%
Delhi 16716 -
Puducherry 13403 21%
Himachal Pradesh 9958 36%
Arunachal Pradesh 7230 25%
Meghalaya 4672 21%
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 4320 51%
Ladakh 1777 21%
Daman & Diu 1233 61%
Goa 793 93%
Andaman and Nicobar 612 3%
Sikkim 537 45%
Chandigarh 327 -
Lakshadweep 0 0%

Who are Beneficiaries Under this PMAY Scheme?

Here is the list of beneficiaries along with their income range who are eligible to enjoy the benefits of the scheme.

Beneficiaries Minimum Annual income
Economically Weaker Section up to Rs. 3 Lakh
Low Income Group or LIG up to Rs. 6 Lakh
Middle-Income Group or MIG –I up to Rs.12 Lakh
Middle-Income Group or MIG-II up to Rs. 1.80 Cr are
Individuals of Scheduled caste and Schedule Tribes -
Women – irrespective of caste and religion -


Listed below are the states covered under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-

Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttrakhand

How to Check Your PMAY Application Status?

To track the status of your application, you need to follow the below mentioned procedure –

  • Visit the official website -
  • Click on the tab “Citizen Assessment’ tab.
  • Click on ‘track your assessment status’ in the drop down menu,
  • Now you check it entering any of the following info-
    • your name,
    • father’s name
    • mobile no
    • Assessment ID

You can also check the same by dialing the toll-free numbers

  • 1800 11 3377,
  • 1800 11 3388
  • 1800 11 6163.

You can also contact the municipality officer in charge of PMAY in your respective district and enquire about your application status.

PMAY List Related FAQs

The major objective of Pradhan Minister Awas Yojana is to provide affordable housing for all eligible candidates by the end of 2022.

It is one of the four primary components that provides subsidies on home loan interest rates.

The government of India has selected 4304 cities across 35 states and union territories of India where the Pradhan Minister Awas Yojana is applicable. If your city belongs to the above mentioned list of approved cities, then you will be eligible to enjoy the benefits of PMAY. You can check the above mentioned list by visiting the website of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

The major components of PMAY include - In-situ Slum Rehabilitation (ISSR), Affordable Housing in Partnership (AHP), Subsidiary for Beneficiary -Led Construction / Enhancement of an Individual House (BLC), and Credit Linked subsidy scheme (CLSS)

No, the benefits of Pradhan Minister Awas Yojana are not applicable on a resale flat or home. You can avail subsidy on your home loan interest provided you purchase a new flat or construct a new home.

Yes. There are special benefits for citizens and differently-abled under the Pradhan Minister Awas Yojana . They get special preferences for ground floor properties.

You can apply for this scheme by visiting the PMAY website and filling in the application form by entering your personal details, family details, Aadhaar No and residential details. You can also apply for the same. If you want to apply manually or offline, you can visit the local branch of PMAY listed bank.

The applicants are elected based on the data received from the Socio Economic Caste Census-2011, and also taking input from the local panchayats and state and union territory governments.

Find out the number of state, organisation name, full address and email IDs for respective ones in PDF format (Official Website). Link to the PDF:

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