9 Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill This Summer

Come summer and the thing we sweat over is our electricity bill. From the beginning of April till the end of September, the household expenditure on electricity goes up. First due to heat and then because of humidity. We can’t bring it down to the minimum. We have to use air conditioners (ACs), coolers and exhausts to keep ourselves comfortable. There are, however, several ways to bring the bill down by thousands in the summer season. There are simple and effective tricks to do that. A little bit of awareness and effort would reduce your bill by at least 10%. Follow these time-tested ways used across the globe to reduce your electricity bill this summer:

1. Insulate the rooms properly

reduce electricity bill summer

Poor insulation results in the escape of cooling which delays in bringing the room temperature to your desired level. The longer the air conditioner works, the more the electricity bill is. Make sure there are no escape passages under the door or in between the window panes. The room is sealed properly so the cooling remains inside the room. I also suggest to not open and close the door too many times. The idea is not to let cool air go out and hot air come inside – just like the refrigerator. Try to get your windows and doors fixed for any gaps. As a temporary measure – use towels, cardboard or draft guard to block the gaps.

2. Keep AC and Cooler vents clean

Cleaning the AC filter regularly would keep the efficiency intact. I recommend having a cleaning schedule depending upon the level of dirt and pollution in your residential area. If you are living in the middle of a bustling city – clean the filter monthly and get it serviced at least once during the operating season. And if you are living in the suburbs or near the green belt, cleaning the filter once every 2 months would be sufficient. With a clean filter, cooling is faster. With coolers, weekly cleaning is a must. Do it twice a week if there is a necessity.

3. Keep the sun out with heavy curtains

reduce electricity bill summer

Shade is a natural way to keep the place cool during summer. Use thick curtains to keep the sun out if your room gets direct sunlight for long hours. A great way to block the sun is to use bamboo blinds outside the room – say, on the balcony in front of the room. This double protection would surely keep the room cool. This way you would use AC or cooler for lower duration reducing your electricity consumption. You can also use a combination of blinds and curtains inside the room to block sunlight. It is more effective and stylish.

4. Store water in earthen pots

reduce electricity bill summer

Firstly, ice cold water is not a healthy choice, especially for children and for the elderly. A better alternative, both health-wise and money-wise, is to store water at the coolest spot in an earthen pot. It remains cold and tastes better. It’s better to store water in earthen pots than in plastic bottles in the refrigerator. In recent years, the trend of storing water in earthen pots has grown tremendously in urban India. It puts less load of the fridge and hence electricity bills is reduced.

5. Use LED lights

reduce electricity bill summer

LED lights are not only energy saving, they are cooler as compared to fluorescent bulbs. Upgrade all bulbs in your home with LEDs. It will keep the room cool and bill lower. In addition to that, buy solar outdoor lighting for your garden, patio and balcony. It’s a good investment and saves a lot of money. Also, it doesn’t attract moths and mosquitoes like other lights. A big bonus in the summertime.

6. Service your AC

reduce electricity bill summer

If you use an air conditioner at home, first and foremost, get it checked and cleaned at the beginning of the season. Tune up your air conditioner. Call an expert from the company. Have a thorough examination of the vent, condenser and filter. A properly working AC consumes less units per hour.

7. Install exhaust fans to regulate fresh air

reduce electricity bill summer

Harness the power of a simple exhaust fan this summer. Exhaust fans are an inexpensive way to regulate air. When placed strategically and switched on at the right hours of the day, they can keep the home cooler without switching on the AC. Install exhausts and turn them on in the evening and early morning to bring cooler air inside the home. Once the room temperature is better, switch on the cooler or AC to bring the temperature at your liking. If you only have cooler in your home, this trick speeds the cooling process even more. Do try it this season.

8. Upgrade to energy savings appliances

reduce electricity bill summer

This may sound an expensive option but it saves a lot of money in the long-run. Energy-efficient appliances lower the electricity bill drastically. Look at the stars on the products you are planning to buy. The more stars on the sticker on the appliance, the lesser energy it would consume. Upgrade your AC, fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave and TV – we use these appliances the most in our homes. Be smart, buy these electronics during the festive season or off-season to get a cheaper price.

9. Reduce consumption during peak hours

reduce electricity bill summer

In some cities, the rate of electricity varies according to the hour of the day. Normally, during office hours, the rate is high. Don’t use heavy appliances during peak hours. As most of these appliances produce heat – washing machine, dishwasher and microwave – use it early morning or at night. This would keep the home cooler.

Have you found better ways to reduce your bill? Are there some old tricks or better appliances that can lower electricity consumption while keeping the home cool? Please share it with us in comments below.

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