Money View Loans Stories – How Lokesh got a Personal Loan Despite Starting on the Wrong Foot

Lokesh is a 24-year-old professional who works in Alembic Pharma. He lives in Jaipur while his family is based in another town. As a young earning member, his family often looks at him for monetary support. It was for one such urgent money need for a family function that Lokesh wanted a personal loan. He wasn’t going to ask family and friends because let’s face it most of us wouldn’t either. So he had to find another way to get the cash he needed quickly.

How did Lokesh come across Money View Loans?

He started looking for a good, credible financier who could give him a loan quickly without much hassle and time off from his work.

So he went online and while looking for options, he chanced upon  Money View Personal Loans.

What was the process of getting Personal Loans with Money View?

Lokesh downloaded the Money View Loans app and followed the simple instructions to upload his documents for approval. While filling one of the forms, he had a little confusion. He reached out to the Money View Loans Customer Support team. While he got upset and lost his cool over a form he was filling, the team was extremely patient in answering all his queries and clarifying his doubts.

Once his questions were answered to his satisfaction, he uploaded the forms needed by 6 pm in the evening. The approval was swift, and he had money in his bank account next day morning by 10 am!

Features that work for him

1. A Responsive Customer Service Team: Lokesh repeatedly mentioned how delighted he was with the experience he had with Money View Customer Service team who ignored his rude behaviour and helped him out.

2. A swift process: Anyone in need of a Personal Loan looks for fast, easy process and quick disbursal of funds. Money View Loans checked all those boxes for him.

3. No time off from work: As most of us living in cities feel, we don’t want to stand in long queues, meet with people again and again and miss working hours, to do bank procedures. Lokesh wanted the same and Money View Loans did everything online saving him precious time and effort.

4. Personal Loans accessible to all: Lokesh was relieved that he can get loans from Rs. 10,000 to 5 lakh for any need sitting in any city in India from players like Money View Loans. It is a big relief for people to have someone there for them in case of urgent money needs.

Final Word

“I can’t believe how easy and fast it was to get Personal Loan with Money View Loans. My gratitude to their Customer Support team.”

We are extremely happy that Lokesh could support his family by taking a quick loan with Money View Loans.  He says he will not hesitate to reach out to Money View Loans again in the future and is already recommending us to his family and friends.

Thank you for talking to us.

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